are two very different things that I am loving right now.  I don’t think I really need to explain the appeal of DNCE…catchy tunes, hot lead singer.  Really, what more do you want?

It’s a little harder to explain the appeal of ACV, or apple cider vinegar.  It stinks and tastes funny.  And it doesn’t look like Joe Jonas.

So why should you care about ACV?

Because it is something that can be used internally and externally to help you stay happy, healthy and hot, and it costs next to nothing.

I could have called this post “Cheap and Easy,” but that was already taken!  And then I wouldn’t have an excuse to talk about Joe Jonas.

One thing I need to make clear about ACV…it needs to be raw and unpasteurized if you want to reap the benefits.  The most popular brand, and the one that I buy, is called Bragg’s.

acv target

Raw ACV contains something called the mother.  Yeah, that sounds weird.  The mother contains the enzymes and beneficial bacteria that make ACV so beneficial.  The vinegar actually appears cloudy, and that’s a good thing.

So how can you use ACV?  Soooo many ways!  I was introduced to ACV by my yoga-practicing, cartwheel-turning grandmother when I was a kid.  Any time I had a sore throat (and I used to get them all the time, now I never do) she made me take ACV.

Basically you just pour a splash of it in a tall glass of water and drink it.  When I say a splash, anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon.  You know I don’t like to measure! Don’t chug it…you honestly will gag!  Take small sips until you finish it.  In the rare event that I feel a sore throat coming on, I will sip several glasses of this concoction throughout the day.  Some say to gargle with it for a sore throat, but I always drink it.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…it tastes really gross at first!  I’m used to it now.  Nothing wrong with stirring in some raw honey, which can also help a sore throat and cough.  Or for my vegan friends (I love everybody!) use maple syrup.

I have found this to knock out any sore throat I feel coming on.  But I’m not a doctor.  If I were I wouldn’t have time to sit in Starbucks and write this blog!  Or sit around googling pics of 5sos and DNCE in between sips of my Venti half-caf Americano.

If you have a persistent sore throat, or think it might be strep, by all means consult your doctor…not the girl wearing a pleather jacket and spouting off about boy bands!

OK, what else can ACV do for you?  This same concoction of ACV and water can help prevent indigestion by sipping before a meal.  It has also been shown to help control blood sugar when taken before a meal, possibly because it helps to steady your rate of digestion.

Studies have shown that ACV can improve the lipid profile of your blood…again, just take a splash in water.

Some say that taking ACV before meals promotes weight loss.  Maybe that’s because it tastes so gross you don’t feel like eating!  But honestly, I am completely used to the taste.

ACV can also be used topically, on your skin and hair.  It helps to balance pH levels, which often get thrown out of whack by cleansers.  You always need to dilute it!

It makes a great toner.  One part ACV to three or four parts water.  Dilute even more if your skin is really sensitive.  ACV is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic.  It can be helpful for acne prone skin.  Just store the mixture in a little jar and apply with a cotton pad, after cleansing and before moisturizing. I am in love with my Annmarie Gianni Rosemary Toning Mist, but I use an ACV concoction from time to time to change things up.  Oh, and the smell goes away as it dries.  I promise!

For your hair, ACV restores pH and is good for shine as well.  It seals the cuticle and removes product buildup.  Mix one part ACV and one part warm water.  Shampoo as usual, pour the mixture on your head, let it sit a minute, and rinse.  Since it seals the cuticle so well it will be easy to detangle your hair.

I could go on and on about this stuff…there is so much you can do with it!  There are tons of “recipes” on-line if you want to get creative with essential oils and other ingredients.

Here’s how I use ACV….the skin and hair stuff I do from time to time.  But I use it internally on a pretty regular basis.  Lately I’ve been adding a splash of it to my lemon water in the morning to make it even more beneficial.  (Keren, thanks for the inspiration, even though you hated it!!!!)  If I happen to be out of lemons (which is rare) I will just add a splash of ACV to my water in the am.

I would recommend starting with a small amount…maybe a teaspoon in a tall glass of water.  Sip, don’t chug.  If you find it absolutely disgusting, and you might, sweeten it up a bit.

So go buy some ACV, and listen to DNCE!

Can ACV help you feel HHH?  Well, the taste may not make you happy at first, but you’ll be happy knowing you are doing something good for yourself.  ACV  can do so many wonderful things for your health…improve digestion, soothe a sore throat, and balance blood sugar, to name just a few.  And if you use it topically, your clear, balanced skin and shiny hair will be very hot!

Thanks for reading!  Have you tried ACV?  I’d love to hear from you!


Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar

Annmarie Gianni Skincare



14 thoughts on “DNCE and ACV

  1. I love this combo! I discovered DNCE not too long ago and can’t help but swoon and dance 🙂 And, I tried ACV but mistakenly just drank it out of the tablespoon straight. DON’T.


  2. Hi Elizabeth, love seeing your face on Marks comment board so often and now that I see you have your own blog I will be checking in with yours. I trust a follower of Mark.

    I drink ACV w/ lemon also and some ginger and cayenne pepper and crushed ice. Sometimes w/ a shake of cinnamon and to sweeten it Real Maple syrup (1 Tablespoon). NOT USUALLY all those ingredients together, and once in awhile a tsp of baking soda. I LOVE the taste, it is my replacement for soda pop. I was a junkie for years, my hair dresser drinks it and USES it on her HAIR. I wanted to purchase a hair product from her awhile back and she said.. OH honey don’t waste you $$$ use the BRAGGS ACV… She is 50ishes.. also … hot healthy and happy.. I trust her and she has great hair.

    The DNCE??? i will have to do an internet search for.

    My friend from the Philippines always used ACV with egg rolls, instead of Sweet and sour.. she said it was the only healthy way to eat egg rolls.??? SHE is also HHH..

    Awesome BLOG

    Thank God for Mark.. he has saved my family and I am very happy for you.

    have a great weekend 🙂



    1. Angel,

      Thanks for the kind words! So happy you are enjoying my blog! Yes, ACV is amazing stuff! I do the cayenne in my lemon water sometimes. I love your whole combo, and the maple syrup would really make it good. And what a great recommendation from your hairdresser! I am going to have to get more regular with the ACV rinse…always makes my hair shinier! Thanks for checking in!


  3. Love your blog! I mix ACV with raw honey, and cinnamon in a small mason jar. I keep it on the counter, and take a few sips everyday. I actually love the taste of ACV.


    1. Vicki,

      Thanks for checking in…love the idea of the cinnamon. I’m sure it makes it taste even better, plus you’re getting all the blood sugar benefits of the cinnamon. So happy you like my blog:)


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