“Morning magic…

my three step formula to feel happy, healthy and hot all day long” was a recent topic on Instagram.  Which is pretty much where I am hanging out these days.

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morning magic

If you hit all three of those areas first thing in the am, you’re setting yourself up for an awesome day.  And it doesn’t have to take much time.

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I’m back…

from a quick trip to Cape May, NJ.

One of my favorite places, and a town known for tons of good food.

And I’m here to tell you that you can totally enjoy yourself on a road trip, and still feel happy, healthy and hot when you travel.  

hhh travel tips

I went live on Instagram to share my best tips, and I’ll share them here too…

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My top five tips…

top 5

for a better body without making yourself crazy.

Earlier in the week I went live on Instagram to talk about the simple ass, abs and arms workouts that I post every Monday.  During that live I shared these five tips. 

Since the video is no longer up there (they disappear after 24 hours) I decided to post them here as well.

None of this stuff is earth shattering.  It’s all pretty basic info that you already know.  Sometimes you just need a reminder.  So here you go… Continue reading

3 ways collagen peptides can give you a better body

I usually go for catchier titles for my posts.  Today I’m just being direct and to the point.  Because I think we all want our bodies to be the best they can be.

And in the interest of being direct and to the point, I am recycling this post.  It was first published in August of last year, but got so many views that I wanted to share it again.  I did, however, brighten up the picture which was really dark before.

3 ways


I’ve been raving about what collagen peptides do for your skin since I first started hhh.  My skin is firmer today, at age 51, than it was ten years ago.  Collagen peptides can also strengthen your hair and nails.  But today I’m going to tell you how amazing they are for your body.

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This simple workout…

can really make a difference.

ass abs and arms

It’s super quick so you can fit it in every day, doesn’t require any equipment, and with some good music playing it’s really fun.

Totally into “I Like Me Better” by Lauv and “Never Be the Same” by Camila Cabello.  Actually pretty much obsessed with all of her music right now…she is a total badass.

So what does this workout involve?

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Want to be prettier in 2018?

And have a better body?

want to be prettier?

Hell yeah, I’m in!

Seriously, if there is one thing you should consider adding to your daily routine in the new year, it’s collagen peptides.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ve heard this already.  In fact, you’re probably already using them and loving them.  

But if you haven’t jumped on the collagen bandwagon with me yet, here’s why you should: Continue reading