Some things never get old…

Like Uptown Funk.  Adidas Superstars.  And drinking lemon water.

One of my very earliest posts was on lemon water.  Since no one was actually reading this blog back then (seriously, no one!), I wanted to revisit this topic.

Here’s the original post if you want to check it out:  Why I start my day with lemon water.

lemon 2.0 eliz

Lemon water is such a great way to start your day.  Our bodies are meant to stay slightly alkaline, and lemon water helps with that.  It’s a great source of vitamin C.  Any time you are getting your nutrients from real food, rather than a supplement, they are more bioavailable.  Vitamin C is not just wonderful for your immune system, it really supports your skin.

Vitamin C aids in the production of collagen, which is what keeps the skin on our faces and all over our bodies firm.  By having lemon water in the morning, and some Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides blended into my coffee, I know I’m doing something good for myself.  My skin is firmer at 50 than it was at 40, so it appears to be working 🙂

I also find lemon water energizing.  Maybe it is just the scent of the lemon.  If I’m home in the afternoon I’ll make a fresh glass for a pick-me-up that doesn’t involve caffeine.

No matter what nutritional camp you are in (paleo, vegan, or somewhere in between), everyone agrees that lemon water is a good thing. The only possible downside I have heard is that is can be hard on your teeth.  It is best to sip it with a straw.  In the interest of keeping things real, I will admit that I never do that.

If you are not already drinking lemon water, go put lemons on your shopping list right now.  They are much cheaper if you buy them by the bag.  Organic is great but don’t make yourself crazy.

And make sure you have a decent lemon squeezer.  It’s best to get your lemon out the night before, because you get a lot more juice when it is at room temp.  Plus it’s a good reminder when you stumble into the kitchen in the am!

If you are already doing the lemon water thing, awesome!  You are ready for lemon water 2.0!  Basic lemon water is already great for you, but if you want to switch it up a bit, here are a few ideas:

lemon 2.0

Apple cider vinegar (or ACV) has tons of health benefits as well.  Some people say it boosts their energy and helps them lose weight. I did a whole post on it a few months ago:


I sometimes add a splash (maybe a teaspoon) of ACV to my lemon water in the am.  Some people can’t stand the taste, but I’ve actually grown to like it.  Sip this one, don’t chug! (Right, Keren?!)

I feel like a badass when I add cayenne pepper to my lemon water.  Obviously you will want to use this sparingly!  Cayenne pepper is useful for fighting inflammation and may promote weight loss by increasing thermogenesis.  The capsaicin in cayenne helps to relieve pain, and is an ingredient in some topical products.

Oh, and lime water is totally cool too.  Sometimes I just get on a lime kick and buy a big bag. Lemons and limes are very similar nutritionally, although lemons are higher in vitamin C.  But sometimes you just want to change things up a bit.

Oh, and one more little plug for lemon water…my grandmother has used fresh lemons her entire life.  Here she is on her 104th birthday:

Looking good, Nana!

So, can drinking lemon water help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course it can!

Starting the day with a healthy habit will make you feel happy…really!  It sets the stage for better choices throughout the day.  As far as healthy, the vitamin C in lemons (and limes) really gives your immune system a boost.  Add some extras like cayenne or ACV for even more benefits.  We know vitamin C is great for your skin.  And with your firm, glowing skin and healthy body you’ll be hot for sure!


Lemon Squeezer

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides




4 thoughts on “Some things never get old…

  1. I’ve not really got into the lemon water, but maybe I should – I love lemons! If you roll them on a hard surface before squeezing, they render more juice (the same is true of limes and oranges too).

    Lemon in tea is nice, too.

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  2. OK, I have just tried this, it’s delicious! I can’t believe I haven’t done this before, it’s like real lemonade without all the sugar. Thanks for this, I will be doing this more often!


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