Want to stay healthy this winter?

Of course you do!  It’s no fun being sick!


I rarely get sick any more.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was actually sick to the point that it kept me from doing something.

But just to be safe, there are two things that I keep close at hand all winter long.  Actually, all year long. 

Lemons and apple cider vinegar.  

Here’s why:

Lemons are pretty much a year round staple for me.  Not only does fresh lemon juice help brighten your skin and support collagen production (because it’s no secret that I’m all about looking good) it also gives your immune system a boost.  And when your immune system is functioning well, you’re less likely to get sick.

So what’s the best way to get that fresh lemon juice into your body every single day?

Lemon water!  This is so simple and a great way to start your day.

Buy a big bag of lemons and keep them in the fridge. Yes, organic is always best but don’t make yourself crazy.

At night, take a lemon out and put it on the counter.  It will be much easier to squeeze in the am if you let it come to room temperature.  Then just cut and squeeze half of the lemon into a glass of water right when you get up.  I usually end up using the other half of the lemon later that day.  (If you follow me on Instagram @happyhealthyandhot_elizabeth , you know that I take my lemon water on the road with me a lot!)

Apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) is my secret weapon in the winter.  If I feel even the slightest hint of a sore throat I just put a splash of this (a teaspoon to a tablespoon) in a glass of water and sip throughout the day.   I learned this trick from my grandmother years ago and it’s always worked for me.

I will tell you right now it does not taste great.  Sip, don’t chug.  You could totally put a splash of ACV right in your lemon water and knock them both out at once.

Some people say to gargle with the ACV water but I just sip.

Make sure you buy ACV that is raw and unpasteurized.  Bragg’s is my brand of choice, and is easy to find at Target and many grocery stores. Thrive Market carries their own brand of raw ACV…would totally trust that as well.  When it is raw it contains all the beneficial bacteria and enzymes that make it so great.

In addition to knocking out a sore throat, there are tons of other benefits to ACV…better digestion, improved blood lipid profiles, and more.  When properly diluted it can be used externally as a skin toner and hair rinse.  Don’t worry, the smell goes away as it dries.  Some people say it can help you lose weight…drink a teaspoon in a glass of water before each meal.  ACV is some pretty amazing stuff.

In fact, a post I wrote on ACV over a year ago was one of my most popular ever…here it is:  DNCE and ACV   You probably don’t know too many people who can discuss apple cider vinegar and Joe Jonas at the same time.  I’m multi-faceted lol.

Listen, I’m not a doctor.  I’m just a girl wearing pleather pants, listening to Justin Bieber and sipping some coffee with collagen peptides.  If I were a doctor I wouldn’t have time to entertain you with my brilliant blog posts and goofy videos on Instagram.

If you really feel like crap, and ACV isn’t helping, get your ass to urgent care.

Can lemons and ACV help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Totally!

You’ll be happy using such simple ingredients to stay healthy this winter.  And these simple ingredients can also give you brighter and firmer skin,   They may even help you lose weight.  With that gorgeous skin and fit body, you’ll be hot for sure!



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