The smell of gingerbread coming from the oven…

is pretty enticing.

gingerbread eliz

And if you’re baking my happy, healthy and hot gingerbread cookies, it’s fine to indulge.

Because not only are my cookies grain free and high in protein, they can give you better skin, nails and hair thanks to a secret ingredient.

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I’m totally loving this gingerbread latte…

now that the weather has really turned.

gingerbread latte eliz

Not only is it warm, spicy and delicious, it’s loaded with protein and healthy fats so it’s awesome for your skin, hair, nails and body.  Win-win.

And I have a confession…I’m bored with pumpkin spice.  I like the concept of it, but then it’s just everywhere.  For such a long time.

So it’s time to move on to gingerbread.

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I’m going out with the girls tonight…

a few drinks and appetizers, then a movie.  Because being happy, healthy and hot isn’t just about green drinks and collagen, it’s about having fun.

But it’s never fun to wake up feeling like crap.  And that’s how I usually feel if I have more than one glass of wine.

Did you know that most wine sold in the U.S. contains colorings, flavorings, preservatives, and other additives?  There are 76 chemicals approved for use in winemaking in the U.S. at this time…pretty scary.

But of course, I have a solution for you…

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Since the Eagles are kicking ass right now…

buff chick dip eliz

I decided to post one more game day recipe.

But you don’t need to wait for football to make this.  You can do it anytime!

I’m talking about my buffalo chicken dip.

This stuff is addictive.  And it’s not loaded with crap.   You can even make it dairy free if you like.  Served with some crispy veggies to dip instead of chips its fits well into my happy, healthy and hot lifestyle.

And if you want to have some chips with it, that’s cool too.

So here’s what I use to make this totally yummy dip: Continue reading

We got the beet!

It’s no secret that I love beets.  I also love some good ’80s music now and then.  

Beets are amazing for you, and I enjoy the earthy, slightly sweet taste.

Last year, I published a post that described how I roast whole beets, then peel them.  There was also an ’80s musical reference of course. Here’s a link:

Beet it

But that whole process of roasting, then peeling, is a complete pain in the ass.  And a messy one, at that.

So I’m excited to tell you about my latest way to enjoy beets…

we got the beet

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