I am a total sucker for the “free” gifts at Victoria’s Secret…

especially the totes.  I always convince myself that I need two new bras, or a ridiculous amount of underwear.

So of course I had to have this year’s Black Friday tote.  (Don’t worry, I never left the house…that’s the beauty of online shopping.)

It’s a great bag…black nylon and a little more sophisticated than the pink sequined one from last year.  (Although I love that too.)


It’s also coming in handy, since I’ve had lots of short trips lately.  So let me tell you about some of my other travel companions…

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I like to keep my posts short and sweet…

and this one is no exception.

You know the drill…I give you a quick tip to help you feel happy, healthy and hot.  Maybe I throw in a musical reference.  Or show you a cute pair of shoes.  You can read it quickly and get on with your day.

But sometimes it’s nice to dig a little deeper…and that’s exactly what I did in my recent convo with Elle Russ.

Elle is the host of the popular Primal Blueprint Podcast, and I was thrilled when she asked me to be a guest.


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Summer skin SOS!!

We’ve all been there at one time or another…that dry, dull skin after a trip to the beach.


Summer has been fun, but maybe a little too much fun.  Two beach trips and lots of pool time.  Even though I protected my skin I feel dry and a little less glow-y.

Here’s what I’m doing to help the situation:
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Despite a broken shoe…

I had a great time on my trip to NYC last week.

gallaghers eliz

Yes, my shoe broke.  As in, my favorite Sam Edelman black wedges.  The ones I wear every single day.  Right on 7th Avenue.

Which meant I had to hobble back to the hotel and put on the only other shoes I packed, which were a little crazy,

shoes ny
Seriously, what was I thinking?!

so I could walk to the Gap to buy a pair of flip flops.  But I still had a great time! Continue reading