Not cheap, but easy

“It just seems like you work so hard,” Lindsey said.  She was talking about all the crazy stuff I do to feel happy, healthy and hot…blending collagen into my coffee, making my crazy green drinks, oil pulling, dry brushing, etc.

To me, it doesn’t seem like work.  It’s all just part of my routine, and it makes me feel so great that I keep it up.  But if what I do seems overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start, I have the perfect answer.

collagen greens eliz
Here’s the answer!!

Collagen Beauty Greens from Vital Proteins!

collagen greens container
Not cheap, but definitely easy!

If you have paid any attention to my posts, you know I am absolutely crazy for collagen peptides.   They have made such a difference in my skin that it feels firmer now, at the age of 49, than it did when I was 39.  And Vital Proteins is my favorite brand.

Another ingredient I swear by for healthy, youthful, glowing skin is fresh, leafy greens, preferably organic.  I try to consume them every day, in the form of salads and green smoothies.  Greens, especially when you consume a variety of them, are a great source of vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin.

But I get it…not everyone wants to clean out their Vitamix multiple times before 6:00 am!  And that’s where Collagen Beauty Greens comes in.  The Vital Proteins website describes it as a “nourishing elixir that combines marine collagen peptides with raw organic greens, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics.”

Doesn’t get much better than that!  I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for months how great collagen peptides are for your skin.  And I’ve been hearing back from friends that are using them and are thrilled with the results.  The collagen is pretty easy.  But getting enough dark green leafy veggies on a regular basis can be another story.

So if you still haven’t jumped on my collagen and greens bandwagon, maybe because it seems like too much work, these Collagen Beauty Greens are the answer.  The first ingredient is marine collagen, which comes from fish rather than beef.  Both are very effective, and I think it’s great to mix things up a bit.  They also contain wheat grass, coconut water, spinach, alfalfa leaf, kale, barley grass, vanilla bean, hyaluronic acid, and Bacillus Coagulans, which is a probiotic.  Probiotics are great for your digestive health, which in turn supports your skin. Hyaluronic acid is very hydrating, and it also supports collagen production.  Oh, and the greens and coconut are all organic.

Collagen Beauty Greens come in a tub similar to the Collagen Peptides that I’ve been using.  Each 20.7 ounce tub contains 28 scoops.  Each scoop contains 10 grams of protein, but only 3 grams of sugar, and it’s only 70 calories.  A scoop mixes easily with cold water.

The taste was much milder than I expected, considering all the greens they pack in.  Wheat grass in particular can have a very strong taste. I could taste the coconut water and vanilla.  It wasn’t sweet at all, since there are no sweeteners added.  It just tasted kind of plain, but pleasant.  Much more plain and easy to get down than the kale, ginger and lemon I have been blending lately!

So this is definitely easy…no blender required.  Just put a scoop in water, stir, and you are good to go.  You’ve gotten your morning off to a great start with minimal effort or mess.

As I said, these are not cheap.  A 20 ounce canister is $79.  But there are 28 servings, which breaks down to less than $3 each.   Getting a green drink out somewhere costs much more, and you’re not getting the collagen, hyaluronic acid and probiotics.  It also costs a lot to load up on fresh, organic greens, with great intentions, and then not actually use them.

I plan to use this product when I travel.  What a great feeling to know that I can keep up my routine of collagen and greens so easily when I’m not at home!  On a day to day basis, I will keep using the regular Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins blended into my coffee, and make a green drink on the side.

If you want the amazing skin benefits of collagen and greens, without all the work, I highly recommend these Collagen Beauty Greens.  Shipping from Vital Proteins is always fast and free.

Here’s the link:

Collagen Beauty Greens

So, can Collagen Beauty Greens from Vital Proteins help you feel happy, healthy and hot!  You know they will, or I wouldn’t be telling you about them!  You’ll be happy that you can get all this good stuff in your body first thing in the morning, without any mess.  And every single ingredient is supporting your good health.  You already know how I feel about collagen…it offers amazing support to your skin, hair and nails.  The greens, hyaluronic acid and probiotics will give your skin a boost as well.  So you will definitely be hot!

I’d love to hear from you…are you taking collagen?  Drinking something green?




8 thoughts on “Not cheap, but easy

  1. This sounds amazing and like an answer to prayer! I will be ordering ASAP! Have you tried mixing it in coffee or tea or adding to a smoothie? Just trying to think of realistic ways to work it into my day.

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  2. Jen, it would be great mixed into a smoothie, and I really had no problem just drinking it mixed in water. It tastes green but not overpowering and the vanilla and coconut give flavor. I’m afraid you would taste the green too much in coffee or tea, and I’m also thinking that might affect the probiotic. Throwing it in a smoothie would be perfect!


  3. Elizabeth I’m pretty happy and healthy I think, not sure how hot I am but I think my wife certainly is LOL … but this looks like a pretty awesome product thanks for sharing! I took your advice and ordered some collagen, I just started using it the other day, putting it in a cup of oolong tea in the morning. I then prepare a 64 ounce jug of water with some other stuff in it (including some d-Ribose, concentrace drops and a scoop of Garden of Life green powder) and sip that all day. Will give this a try after I go through my current stock.

    I was going to put the collagen into some bone broth, but the directions said not to take with protein as it may inhibit the absorption and to wait at least a half an hour before your first meal.

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    1. Wow George, your drink sounds great! I have not tried the Garden of Life green powder, but I’ve always liked their products. And I like the idea of sipping it throughout the day. I’ve been thrilled with the Vital Proteins green powder…love having all that good stuff in one package. And I might try what you are doing. Using one or two scoops in a much larger quantity of water and just sipping throughout the day. Thanks for the tip!


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