Collagen confusion

collagen eliz“Which brand of collagen should I buy?” That’s another question I get asked a lot!  There are two popular brands on the market, Vital Proteins and Great Lakes. There are some differences between the two, but I’ve had great results with both.  It’s kind of like asking which boy band you like better…1D or 5sos?  Love them both!

5sos…what’s not to like?!

Since I started adding collagen to my daily routine a few years ago, I have noticed a real improvement in the firmness and overall texture of my skin.  My nails have always been good, but are even stronger.  I noticed an initial improvement in my hair, but that has been less dramatic than my skin and nails.

collagen great lakes

Great Lakes is the brand in the green canister.  Their product is called Collagen Hydrolysate and the canister holds 16 ounces.  This is the brand I first started using when I decided to try collagen. Based on my results, I would say it is very effective.  The big downside for me is the packaging.  The collagen pours out, and some always gets stuck on the lid.  By the time you reach the end of the canister it’s kind of gross unless you wipe it off each time you use it.   Also, Great Lakes gives less verification that the cattle are actually pasture raised.  But again, I saw results with my first canister.

collagen vital proteins

Vital Proteins is the new kid in town.  Kind of like Charlie Puth!  It comes in a 20 ounce blue canister and is called Collagen Peptides. It is made from the hides of grass fed cattle raised in Brazil. I get the exact same results from Vital Proteins as I do Great Lakes.  So why I have been buying the Vital Proteins most of the time?  The packaging!  I am all about making life easy.  It comes in a plastic canister with a lid that screws on and a little scoop.  No mess!  Also, Vital Proteins gives better verification of the quality of the beef.

The package of Great Lakes is a bit smaller, and the cost per ounce is definitely less.  So if you are not sure how you’re going to like this whole collagen thing, try that first.  (I think you’ll like it!)  I have been buying the Vital Proteins more frequently, but go back and forth.  Both Great Lakes and Vital Proteins are in my amazon shop and qualify for free shipping.

To add to the collagen confusion, both companies also produce gelatin.  High quality beef gelatin has some similar benefits, but I’ll save that for another post.

So, how can you use collagen?  That’s easy!  Just blend it into any drink, hot or cold.  I put it in my coffee in the morning.  See My morning super coffee and Have you ever wanted to dive headfirst into a bag of chocolate chips? for more info. You can also blend it into a matcha latte, which is delicious.  Or any smoothie you want to make.  While both brands claim to dissolve easily in hot or cold drinks, I think they dissolve better in hot.  When putting in cold drinks, its best to use the blender.  Or at least a little whisk.  Finding lumps of collagen in your drink is nasty.

So can collagen help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!  You will be happy knowing that your morning beverage is actually doing something for you.  The collagen is wonderful for your joints and the connective tissue throughout your body, so it is definitely good for your health.  And firm skin, pretty nails and healthy hair are always hot.  Oh, and thanks to Jen for the Rolling Stone cover.  She is even more into boy bands than I am!





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