My morning super coffee


I love everything about coffee…the aroma, the taste, the whole ritual of it.  And I love building healthy habits into my daily routine, especially ones that help me look and feel my best!

I always start my day with lemon water, then wait a bit to have my coffee.  Lately I have been brewing with a French press.  The coffee tastes great and there is no wasteful k-cup or filter. But you can make coffee however you like…the magic is in the stuff you blend into it.  I brew a generous mug of coffee.  I don’t need a lot of caffeine to get going, so I mix decaf and regular.  I pour the coffee in my blender, and add big spoonful of coconut oil, a smaller amount of ghee, and usually some liquid vanilla stevia.  I blend on high till it’s nice and frothy, then turn the blender down to low and blend in some collagen.

It is so delicious and satisfying that I don’t eat breakfast until later.  Why do I add all this crazy stuff to my coffee?  Coconut oil is high in medium chain fatty acids.  Our bodies burn this as fuel very quickly rather than storing it.  Those medium chain fatty acids are good for our brains as well.  Coconut oil is great for our skin and hair, used both internally and externally.  The ghee is another high quality fat, rich in vitamins A, D and K that are essential for skin and bone health.  And the collagen…if you have read my other posts you know how much I love collagen!  I could talk about it for hours.  But it a nutshell, I noticed a visible difference in my skin and nails within a month of using collagen regularly.


Here’s a pic of what I dump in my coffee every morning.  The jar that is missing a label is ghee.  And yes, I know that is a huge jar of coconut oil.  Shows you how much I go through!  All of these items are in my amazon store if you want to have them delivered to your door.

I’m not big on measuring…I tend to throw things together.  But I forced myself to measure so I could give you a recipe.  Here you go…enjoy, and let me know what you think!  (To comment, click on the link at the top of the post.)

Super coffee

Large mug of hot, freshly brewed coffee

1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

1 teaspoon ghee

Liquid stevia to taste

1-2 tablespoons of collagen

Pour the coffee in the blender.  Add coconut oil, ghee and stevia.  Blend on high until frothy.  Slow blender down to low and add collagen.  Enjoy!


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