Great skin and more energy? Yes please!!!

You’ve heard me rave about collagen from the time I started this little blog.  In the few years that I have been using it consistently, by blending it into my coffee every day, it has changed my skin more than anything else I’ve ever done.   My skin is firmer at 49 than it was at 39.  And it’s so easy!

I love collagen

My favorite brand of collagen is Vital Proteins, so when I heard they were offering a new product I was super excited.  Even though the new product was… liver capsules.

liver pills

Yes, you read that correctly…liver capsules.  Beef liver from pastured cattle is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.  But most of us aren’t eating it.  Not only is liver loaded with Vitamin A, B12, Folate, Riboflavin, Zinc, Copper and Choline, it is known to increase energy.

But let’s face it…no one really wants to eat it.  (Let alone deal with the lingering smell when you cook it!)   So I decided to try the liver capsules for a full month, and this is how I felt after the first week:

let's go

Seriously, I have had an amazing amount of energy!  Not in a crazy, wired, overly caffeinated way.  Just an upbeat, keep going all day kind of energy.  I take KO on multiple long walks every day, and have the energy for push-ups, crunches and squats in the morning even when I haven’t had much sleep.  I have started indoor rock climbing again after a long hiatus, and am surprised at all the energy I have.  And of course I’m dancing around the kitchen at night to 1D and 5sos while I’m cooking and cleaning up. Nothing else I am doing has changed, so I can only attribute it to the liver.

The recommended serving is 4 capsules a day, and I’ve been taking them all in the morning with my lemon water.  I’ve heard of people splitting them into two doses, but I would end up forgetting them later.  I feel great all day, but have had no problem winding down at night.

If you are interested in trying the liver capsules or the collagen, here is a link to the product page on the Vital Proteins website.

Vital Proteins Product Page

If you order any of the products through this link, I receive a small commission that helps support the costs of running this blog.  I only tell you about products that I have used personally and seen real results with.

The collagen I use is in the blue tub, called Collagen Peptides. The 20 ounce container is the best deal.  If you’re not ready to make that kind of commitment, try the 10 ounce size for $24.    The liver capsules are $36 for 120, which is a one month supply. Prices are the same as on amazon, but they offer free shipping on all orders which is awesome.

If somehow you missed my many posts raving about the collagen, here are a few links:

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So, can collagen and liver pills from Vital Proteins help you feel happy, healthy and hot? Well, if you have been following this blog you already know how I feel about the collagen. And I’m loving this liver too.  I’m happy that they are so easy to take, and have no gross liver smell.  Liver is considered a superfood, so of course you will be healthy.  And the vitamin A, zinc and copper are awesome for our skin, while the protein is supporting our muscle tissue…and that’s very hot!




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