Why I start my day with lemon water

Lemon Water (1)

I am a big believer in building healthy habits, especially in the morning.  It is so important to get your day off to a good start.  Something I have been doing pretty consistently for over a year now is drinking fresh lemon water first thing in the morning, before I have anything else.

Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system and cardiovascular health.  According to a recent study it may even help improve our mood.  But what’s really exciting to me is that vitamin C is crucial to skin health, because it helps our bodies synthesize collagen, which is what keeps our skin firm.  Lemons also support liver function.  Our liver is very important in removing toxins from our body.  When our liver is functioning properly, it helps our skin stay clear as well.

Personally, I feel that drinking fresh lemon water in the morning gets me energized.  (Not that I have given up my coffee or anything, that just comes a little later!)  My grandmother is 103, and always made fresh squeezed lemonade. Guess she was on to something!

So how do I actually make this happen every single morning? At night, I take a lemon out of the fridge and lay it out, along with a knife and a cutting board.  That way it is at room temperature in the morning, which makes it much easier to squeeze.  I also put out a glass of filtered water.  In the morning I cut my lemon, squeeze half of it into the water, and drink it down. I really don’t feel a need to sweeten it.  The tart taste is a great way to start my day.

Let me know what you think…have you tried lemon water in the morning?  Any other healthy ways you like to start the day?  There is a link at the top of the post where you can add a comment.  I’m not the most technical person, but I’ll try to figure out how to get the comments moved to the bottom of the post!


10 thoughts on “Why I start my day with lemon water

  1. You have inspired me to get good old lemon water back into my morning routine again. Anything that can increase my morning energy level is worth it! Love the idea of putting everything out ahead of time. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Hey Christian! That’s why I mentioned the straw. I’ve heard it’s the best way to avoid any problems. But I have been drinking lemon water daily for years now (throughout the day) and have used the ACV forever, and at my last checkup my enamel was great. I still think a straw is a good idea, I just don’t actually do it!


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