The right tools make all the difference…

Couldn’t live without my lemon squeezer and a good knife!

in the kitchen, especially if you want to be happy, healthy and hot!  Here are the things I couldn’t live without:

My iPad.  Ok, I know that sounds crazy…I don’t use it to cook.  But music makes me happy, especially when I’m having fun in the kitchen.  Right now I am loving “One Dance” by Drake, and “Close” by Nick Jonas and Tov Lo.  Oh, and “Jet Black Heart” by 5sos.  Can’t forget those cuties!  Lots of fun new tunes for summer.

The iPad also comes in handy for looking up recipes, which I do from time to time.  But I mostly just throw things together when I cook.

As far as actual kitchen tools, here are my happy, healthy and hot essentials:

High-powered Blender

If you’ve been following me on Instagram @resnickelizabeth, you know I’m more into green drinks than ever.  So I really couldn’t live without a good blender.  I’ve had my Vitamix for years and it is capable of breaking down even the toughest greens into a very smooth drink.  But recently I’ve been loving the Nutribullet also.

In addition to green drinks, I use the blender to blend coconut oil and collagen peptides into my early morning coffee to make a delicious, frothy latte-like drink that is awesome for my skin. Such a treat! Both of these blenders are available at Target, and I have them in my amazon store if you want them delivered to your door!  And if you missed my recent post on the Nutribullet, here you go: My latest toy…

Lemon Squeezer

Something else I’m pretty obsessed with is lemon water.  My 103 year old grandmother can’t be wrong!  Read this post for more:  Why I start my day with lemon water.  If you want to have fresh lemon water every day you need a good lemon squeezer to get all the juice out and keep the seeds away.

Dependable Knife

Good knives are a kitchen essential.  My absolute fave is a Cutco knife that I borrowed (stole?) from my sister Jen years ago.  It has a serrated edge so it works great on softer items, but I use it to pare and chop everything.  It’s an in-between size that works for everything.

Pots and Pans

Of course, you need some decent pots and pans.  These are very much a matter of personal preference.  I use a little cast iron pan to cook my eggs, and have a huge Le Creuset grill pan that I love.  It weighs a ton though, which can be a deterrent.  Other than those two items my pots and pans are stainless steel.

I use this little cast iron pan every day…LOVE IT!

One thing I do not have in my kitchen, with the exception of a random jellyroll pan from Williams Sonoma, is any non-stick cookware.  I’d rather just use a little butter or avocado oil (both of which add great flavor) and not worry about any crazy chemicals being absorbed into my food from the non-stick coating.  Some of them chip off, others are unsafe when used at too high of a heat.  To me, it’s just not worth it.

French Press

You know I love my coffee, so for me the French Press is really an essential tool.  Not only does it make great tasting coffee, it can be used for loose tea and my new treat, Crio Bru.

And that’s really it for me!  I have a beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer, but mostly use that if I am baking.  Which rarely happens.  A food processor can come in handy for chopping and blending, but I tend to do my chopping by hand (or buy stuff already cut when I’m in a hurry) and I use my Vitamix for many other chores where I might use a food processor or mixer.

So, can having the right kitchen tools help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course it can!  I’m always happy when I have the right tool for the job at hand!  The green drinks, lemon water and delicious food you are making will all support your health.  And the resulting beautiful skin and body…very hot!

I love hearing from you…what are your happy, healthy and hot kitchen essentials?




Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Coconut Oil (this is a great price for 2 jars of high-quality coconut oil!)

Lemon Squeezer

Cutco Serrated Knife

Bodum French Press

Cute Lime Green Bodum French Press  (the one I will buy when mine breaks!)









2 thoughts on “The right tools make all the difference…

  1. Please let me know what brand of stainless steel pots and pans you have. I’ve been looking for some that don’t also have aluminum in them (if that possible). Thanks!


    1. Hi Alice! Thanks for checking in. I don’t know what brand my stainless steel pots and pans are, because they are SOOOOO old! They belonged to my grandmother, and they are really heavy duty. I also have some Revere Ware. But love cast iron most of all. If it weren’t so heavy that is all I would use!


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