Super Bowl Snacks

eliz super bowl

It’s no secret who I’m rooting for.  I’m not even really a football fan…just an Eagles fan.

This will be the first year since 2004 that I pay any attention to the game.  I’m usually just in it for the commercials and half time show.  And yes, totally looking forward to JT’s performance.

But no matter who you’re rooting for, you need to eat.  And you can totally have some fun snacks that are happy, healthy and hot approved.

Read on….

One of my faves is Buffalo chicken dip.  I came up with a version that has a dairy free option (although for the Super Bowl I will splurge and do a little dairy) and when you dip with stuff like bell peppers and jicama, you’re getting a great mix of healthy fat, quality protein and antioxidants.  And if you want to go with corn chips, I’m not judging.  Just make sure they’re organic!  Here’s the recipe:

Since the Eagles are kicking ass right now…

Deviled eggs are pretty much the perfect little snack.  And while we tend to think of them more in summer they’re great year round.  Here’s my favorite way to make them…Franks Red Hot gives a spicy kick and the Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo provides healthy fat for glowing skin.  Here you go:

Deviled eggs are hot right now

Last year I made a spicy crab soup for the Super Bowl that was pretty amazing.  This recipe makes a ton and tastes even better the second day.  It’s also super easy.  If you use a high quality broth it’s a great source of collagen for healthy skin and connective tissues.  Making your own is awesome, but if you don’t have time for that I love Kettle & Fire broth and they have recently lowered their prices.  Here’s the link to the recipe:

I made soup for the Super Bowl…

Beef bar-b-q, sloppy joe, Manwich….there are a million names for this tasty comfort food.  If you use the canned sauce, it’s loaded with crap.  But it’s super easy to make a healthier version.  You can easily double this recipe, and keep it warm in a crock pot.  Here it is:

It doesn’t matter what you call it…

One of my most popular recipes ever on happy, healthy and hot was this Southwest chicken.  It’s super easy and you just serve in bowls with whatever toppings you like…kind of like having a Chipotle right in your house.  Here you go:

My second spicy Southwest secret…

And if you need something sweet after all that spice, I have two cookie recipes that I’m in love with.  Not only do they taste great, they’re actually doing something for you…both contain healthy fat, are low in sugar (especially the coconut ones), and have collagen peptides added for extra protein and firm, gorgeous skin.  Here they are (the first one is coconut, second chocolate chip):

This cookie…

Can a cookie make you prettier?

Ok, let’s talk alcohol.  I’m personally not a big beer drinker.  Love red wine and sometimes white.  Or just Grey Goose and soda with lots of lime.

Bottom line is, whatever you’re drinking, do it in mindfully.  

Your body will always burn the calories from alcohol first.  Which means that everything else, especially carbs, will be more likely to be stored.   Try alternating alcohol with water or seltzer…you’ll stay hydrated and it gives your body a break.  And totally watch those sugary mixers!

If you’re a wine drinker, I can’t say enough nice things about Dry Farm Wines They deliver organic, sugar free wines right to your door.  Their wines are free of the harmful additives found in most wines sold in the US.  And Dry Farm is just a super cool company to deal with.

So can these Super Bowl snacks help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah they can!

You’ll be happy enjoying fun snacks that were easy to put together.  They are all made from healthy ingredients that support pretty skin, high energy and a fit body.  So you can have fun watching the Super Bowl and look hot at the same time!


Kettle & Fire Broth

Dry Farm Wines

Further Food Collagen Peptides  use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT for 10% off

Primal Kitchen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo











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