I’m going out with the girls tonight…

a few drinks and appetizers, then a movie.  Because being happy, healthy and hot isn’t just about green drinks and collagen, it’s about having fun.

But it’s never fun to wake up feeling like crap.  And that’s how I usually feel if I have more than one glass of wine.

Did you know that most wine sold in the U.S. contains colorings, flavorings, preservatives, and other additives?  There are 76 chemicals approved for use in winemaking in the U.S. at this time…pretty scary.

But of course, I have a solution for you…


Dry Farm Wines.

Dry Farm curates the best natural wines…organic, sugar free and lower in alcohol than most wine.  So you can enjoy your wine, still have a little buzz, and wake up feeling amazing the next day.

Talk about a win-win!

Dry Farm offers a subscription service and delivers the wine right to your door.  You can add an extra bottle for a penny on your first order by going through my link.

Dry Farm Wines penny bottle

They also offer some special packages for the holidays, including sparkling wines and three bottle packs.  Get on their email list and you’ll be kept in the loop!

After drinking Dry Farm Wines, I’m pretty spoiled.  Love the clean taste.  And love how great I feel the next day.  You can select a case of reds, whites, or a mix.

I’m usually more of a red girl, but really enjoy their crisp, dry whites.

So can Dry Farm Wines help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy toasting the holidays with a wonderful glass of wine (that was delivered to your door!)  These wines are truly healthy…you get the all the antioxidants without dealing with so many additives.  Those antioxidants benefit your skin and help you stay healthy and vibrant.  And a vibrant girl with glowing skin is always hot…especially when she’s enjoying a nice glass of wine.



Dry Farm Wines






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