My latest toy…

in the kitchen is the  Nutribullet.


I’ve been singing the praises of my Vitamix for years.  It is a total workhorse and I love it.  But it was very expensive (over $500) and it takes up a lot of space.  Between my green drinks and coffee concoctions it gets heavy use.  I’ve also ground coffee beans, made nut butters, and even ice cream.  And eight years later it keeps on going.

But maybe you don’t need that kind of commitment from your blender.  Maybe you just want to be able to make a decent smoothie.  That’s actually smooth, without weird chunks of kale, like the ones I made pre-Vitamix.

That’s where the Nutribullet comes in.  As long as you follow the directions, it blends a great smoothie.  At a great price.  And it’s super easy to clean and very portable.

I got the most basic model, with the 600 watt motor.  It comes with the base, the extractor blade, and two cups that you can blend in, one much larger than the other.  It’s really important to follow the directions.  You put your greens in the bottom, then your fruit or other veggies and any other add-ins, and then liquid to the fill line.

The liquid is crucial…the Nutribullet will not work without it.  You can add some ice or frozen fruits or veggies to give it a thicker, icy consistency, but ice or frozen produce should not make up more than 25% of the total volume.

My first smoothie was spring mix and frozen blueberries.  I added water for the liquid.  The frozen blueberries blended very easily and I had a tasty drink with little mess to clean up.  The cups can go right in the dishwasher and the blades just get washed by hand.  Since you use plenty of liquid the blades really just rinse clean.

nutribullet blueberry
Blueberries and spring mix…looks like sludge but pretty tasty!

Of course I had to try making one of my favorite blended coffees.  Since it was late, I brewed some decaf in my French press and poured it into the small cup.  I added a big blob of coconut oil, some liquid stevia, and my Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  It turned out just as frothy and wonderful as it does with the Vitamix.

A few tips about the Nutribullet…it comes with something they call a “comfort lip ring” that you screw on to the cup to give it a smooth edge so it is easier to drink out of.

The “comfort lip ring” is not only the most awkward name ever, it is a complete pain in the ass to screw and unscrew.  Skip this step and use a straw, or just pour your drink into another glass.

The Nutribullet comes with a recipe book.  I personally think the recipes are a little too heavy on the fruit, but at least it’s a place to start.  Choose mild greens, like romaine, spinach or spring mix, if you’re still a green smoothie virgin.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram @resnickelizabeth (and if you’re not, you should!) you know I have been really into green drinks.  Mine are pretty hard core…typically dark leafy greens like kale or arugula, a peeled lemon or lime, and a big hunk of ginger.  And a LOT of water.  I blend like crazy.  It has the consistency of a juice but retains the fiber of the produce.

I will stick to the Vitamix when I want to make a huge batch of green drink in the morning to drink all day.  And of course it will come in handy for coffee bean grinding and many other chores.  But this Nutribullet does a great job at a fraction of the price.

So, can the Nutribullet help you feel happy, healthy and hot?

I couldn’t resist…LOVE Bitmojis!!!

You will be happy with a blender that is so easy to use and reasonably priced.  And anything that helps you consume more fresh produce will help you stay healthy.  If you start replacing some crappy snacks with green smoothies, you’ll be getting a nice boost of skin-supporting vitamins and minerals, and might even lose a few pounds.  Having glowing skin and a nice body is always hot!



French Press

Nutiva Coconut Oil

NuNaturals Liquid Vanilla Stevia

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides


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