O M Ghee!!!!!!

This stuff is crazy good!  I’ve been using ghee, or clarified butter, off and on for years, mostly as an ingredient in the coffee I blend up at the crack of dawn.  (See My morning super coffee for more on this.)  Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Bev Martin and Nancy Rohrer, also known as “The Ghee Gals,” to find out more.

Oh, and don’t my nails look cute?

Bev and Nancy are the owners of Simply Ghee, a local producer of high quality ghee made from grass fed butter.  If you’re not familiar with ghee, it is basically butter that has the milk sugars and milk proteins removed, leaving nothing but pure, delicious fat.  I met Bev when she was giving out samples at the PA Farm Show. After tasting their original ghee, I immediately bought two jars.  It is handcrafted in small batches.  The butter comes from Lancaster County grass fed cows.  They also offer three flavored ghees:  honey (which tastes as incredible as it sounds,) black garlic, and their newest flavor, sriracha.  These flavored ghees are made from Kerrygold butter, which also comes from grass fed cows.

ghee flavors
Can’t wait to try these!

Bev and Nancy were so much fun…I could have talked to them all day!  Since I like to keep my posts short and sweet, I’ll just give you the highlights of our convo.  Of course, I had to ask them how ghee could help you feel happy, healthy and hot…that’s why you’re reading this, right?  And here’s what they told me:  First of all, the taste and the unique flavors will make you very happy.  Ghee is good for your digestion, especially if you consume a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) with each meal.  It is rich in many important fat soluble vitamins, including A, D, E and K2.  K2 is very hard to find in our food supply, and is essential for healthy bones.  And I talk all the time about how important healthy fats are for our skin and hair, plus the A and D are great for your skin. So you’ll be healthy and hot too!

Many people that don’t tolerate dairy well do just fine with ghee.  This is because the problematic sugars and proteins have been removed.  I happen to be one of those people, which is why I started using ghee in the first place.  (Bev and Nancy do recommend checking with your doctor first if you are lactose intolerant.) Another advantage of ghee is that it is stable at room temperature, so you don’t even need to keep it in the fridge.  It also has an extremely high smoke point, meaning that is does not oxidize when exposed to high heat.

I told Bev and Nancy how I use ghee in my morning coffee, and asked for some other ideas.  They suggested trying the honey ghee on hot cereal or sweet potatoes.  Any of the flavors are wonderful on steamed vegetables, or you can use them to roast vegetables.  I have tried this with brussels sprouts…sooooo good.  You can scramble or fry your eggs in it, which is something else I like to do.  One really cool idea they gave was to stir a teaspoon of ghee into a bowl of hot soup.  There are also tons of recipes using ghee on their website: Recipes & Tips.

Since I know you are now dying to try this stuff, and I need to replenish my own supply, I asked Bev and Nancy where you could find Simply Ghee.  If you are local to Central PA, it is carried at The Healthy Grocer and One Good Woman in Camp Hill, as well as locations in Lancaster, Philly, and as far as Maryland and New Jersey.  Here is a link: Get Ghee Here.  You can also order directly from their website: Buy online.

Bev and Nancy were so much fun to talk to!  It is cool to meet people who are passionate about what they are doing.  I already loved ghee, but I’m even more excited about it after talking to them.  I’m going to be trying the sriracha and black garlic flavors in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout for another post.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.  Have you ever tried ghee?



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