I tend to avoid garlic

because I don’t want to stink!  So I was a little hesitant to try the garlic flavored ghee from Simply Ghee.  I had no fear of the Sriracha…I love a little heat!

ghee flavored

You may remember back in February I had a great time talking to the Ghee Gals, Nancy and Bev, about Simply Ghee, their locally produced, grass fed ghee.  Ghee is butter that has been clarified, so that the dairy proteins are removed.  Many people that don’t tolerate dairy have no problem at all with ghee. Not only is ghee full of healthy fats and fat soluble vitamins, it tastes amazing!   In case you missed it, here’s the post:  O M Ghee!!!!!!!

Since that post, I’ve had a chance to try their two new flavors, sriracha and black garlic.

When I opened the jar of sriracha, I couldn’t stop eating it off the spoon.  It is that good. The next morning, I made some over-easy eggs with it.  Amazing.  Later that same day (because there’s no such thing as too much sriracha, right?)  I tried it on steamed green beans and a baked potato.  Just as good.  The possibilities are really endless with this stuff…popcorn, scrambled eggs, any roasted veggie.

I was a little hesitant about trying the black garlic, because…well you know, I didn’t want to stink.  But then one night I needed a little something for my brocolli and gave it a try.  The garlic was not overpowering, and it was delicious.  And absolutely no stink!

Bev explained that the garlic they use is organically grown on a farm in New Jersey, where it’s also fermented.  This not only reduces the pungency, it also gives it twice the antioxidants of regular garlic.  Amazing!  And you won’t reek of garlic.

Bev suggested using the black garlic ghee on grilled steak or salmon, as well as any veggie. It’s also great on bread, rice or pasta, and awesome to make a grilled cheese with.

For my Central PA readers, Simply Ghee is carried at The Healthy Grocer and One Good Woman in Camp Hill.  You can also check their website for additional locations in Lancaster, Philly and New Jersey.  And of course, you can order online!  Here’s the link:  Simply Ghee

After reading “Eat Fat, Get Thin” by Mark Hyman, MD, I feel even better about using healthy fats like ghee on a regular basis.  If you are still afraid of fat you really need to read this book!  Here’s my review of it: Move over, Jason Derulo

So, can ghee help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!  You’ll be happy eating something so delicious and buttery.  Ghee is loaded with nutrients including vitamins A, D, E and K2, and healthy fats like ghee help your body absorb the nutrients in the foods you are eating along with it.  Vitamins A and D are amazing for your skin, and K2 supports healthy bones, so of course you will look hot too!



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