In honor of National Watermelon Day…

I threw together this watermelon feta salad.

watermelon feta eliz

And yes, National Watermelon Day is a thing.  This year it falls on Friday, August 3.

But even if Watermelon Day were not a thing, I would still be loving this salad.  The contrast of salty, sweet and tart is such a fun treat. Plus it’s super easy to throw together.

Here’s what I used:

Watermelon forms the base of the salad, and tastes so refreshing on a hot summer day.  It contains vitamins A, B6 and C as well as many antioxidants including lycopene.  It also contains a ton of water…watermelon is made up of 92 percent water.  So it really helps you stay hydrated.

Olive oil is a great source of healthy fat and is amazing for the health of your brain.  Getting enough fat in your diet is important for gorgeous, glowing skin.  My favorite brand of olive oil, for quality and taste, is Kasandrinos, which is imported from small family farms in Greece.  Discount code at the end of this post.

Fresh lime juice contributes a nice tart taste and provides vitamin C and antioxidants.  Vitamin C is so amazing for your skin…it actually promotes the production of new collagen, and keeps your skin bright.

Mint adds a fresh taste to this salad.  Like other herbs, mint is loaded with antioxidants.  It’s also helpful for healthy digestion.  I rarely use mint in my cooking, but after loving it in this salad I’m going to look for more ways to use it.

Feta cheese contrasts nicely with the sweet watermelon and provides protein and calcium.  If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I typically avoid dairy as it tends to make me break out, but every now and then I make an exception.

Here are the ridiculously simple directions to make one serving.  You can double, quadruple, whatever you want.  It”s best made right before you’re going to eat it.

happy, healthy and hot watermelon feta salad

one cup diced watermelon

one tablespoon high quality olive oil (I like Kasandrinos…scroll down for a discount)

juice of half a lime

three mint leaves

two tablespoons crumbled feta

Put watermelon in a small bowl, drizzle olive oil all over.  Squeeze lime juice on top.  Tear mint leaves into tiny pieces and sprinkle all over the salad.  Top with feta and enjoy!

Can this watermelon feta salad help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  You know it!

You’ll be happy eating such a tasty salad made from healthy ingredients.  And this combo of ingredients supports gorgeous, glowing skin and a fit body.  Very hot!


Kasandrinos Olive Oil  use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT to save 10%


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