This cherry mango shake…

totally satisfied my sweet tooth.

cherry mango eliz

It was a rainy, dreary Saturday and I just wanted a little something.  

I happened to have some frozen fruit on hand, and I always have Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel in my pantry, so this was quick to throw together.

It’s also a great mix of healthy fat, quality protein and antioxidants for pretty skin and a fit body.

Here’s what I used:

Frozen sweet cherries are great to have on hand.  They contain vitamins A and C as well as many other antioxidants.  And they taste amazing.  Since cherries contain more sugar than most of the other fruits I consume I like combining them with fat and protein.

Frozen mango chunks are also great to have on hand for a last minute sweet treat.  They are amazing eaten just partially thawed.  Like the cherries, they are a little higher in sugar than most of the fruits I eat, but loaded with antioxidants.  Vitamin C is so great for your skin…it even supports the production of new collagen.

Cashew milk was my liquid of choice, but you can use anything you like.  I mostly use the Elmhurst brand of nut milks for their clean ingredients and creamy consistency.

Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen Foods adds a sweet creamy flavor to this smoothie.  This product is a staple in my kitchen because it’s so versatile.  I also love that the ingredients list is so clean, and the protein comes from collagen peptides.  Nothing like a smoothie that gives you firmer skin and stronger hair and nails!

This is so simple you can barely call it a recipe:

happy, healthy and hot mango cherry smootie

one cup cashew milk or liquid of choice

two scoops Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel

one half cup frozen sweet cherries

one half cup frozen mango chunks

Put everything in the blender.  Blend on high until smooth.  Enjoy immediately.


Can this mango cherry smoothie help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious treat made with only healthy ingredients.  And it supports pretty skin, hair and nails, as well as a better body…very hot!


Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel   save 10% on everything from Primal Kitchen Foods with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT


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