Flounder with lemon butter and capers…

flounder eliz

and an arugula salad.

This is a dinner that I threw together in minutes after taking some time to clean out my fridge and freezer.

It was totally delicious (can’t wait to make again!) and a great mix of healthy fat, quality protein and antioxidants.

And it came together in the time it took to listen to three songs!  (“Familiar by Liam Payne, “Finesse” by Bruno Mars and “Delicate” by Taylor Swift…some of my current faves.)

I’ll tell you what I used and how I threw it together.  No measurements…this is one where you can totally wing it!

Flounder is a good source of protein and vitamins D and B12.  The taste is so mild it pairs well with just about anything.  I tend to eat fattier fish, like salmon and sardines, to get more omega 3s, but it’s nice to mix things up now and then.  I had frozen flounder filets from Target in the freezer, and took some out to thaw in the morning.

Kerrygold butter will spoil you for all other butters…it is THAT good.  It’s also higher in fat soluble vitamins like A and D since it comes from grass fed cows.  It even looks better than other butters…it’s a beautiful rich yellow.  Cooking the flounder in butter gave it a great flavor and increased the fat content of this meal to make it more satisfying.

Fresh lemon tastes amazing with fish.  It also contributes some vitamin C and other antioxidants that are important for skin health.  I always have a big bag of lemons in the fridge for green drinks, lemon water, and just brightening up the taste of meals like this.

Capers add a little bit of briny flavor to this dish.  I can’t imagine they are contributing anything nutritionally, I just love the taste.  If you don’t happen to have capers on hand, this will still be good without them/

Arugula is one of my favorite leafy greens.  I buy the pre washed baby arugula so it is always ready to go for a quick salad or green drink.  Arugula contains vitamins A, C and K.  Two cups of arugula contain only 8 calories. so go crazy!

Tomatoes are another good source of vitamin C and antioxidants.  I had a bunch of grape tomatoes in the fridge so I used some to top the arugula.  Local vine ripened tomatoes would have been even better, but this meal was all about using up what was already in the fridge.

Green Goddess dressing from Primal Kitchen Foods was delicious on the little salad.  I love every dressing I have tried from Primal Kitchen, both for flavor and super clean ingredients.  They are all made with avocado oil rather than highly processed seed oils.

flounder plate

Ok, here’s what I did…

First, I turned on some music…that always makes me move faster in the kitchen and just have more fun.  I put a big skillet on the stove and turned to medium, then pulled everything from the fridge.

I put a generous pat of Kerrygold butter in the pan, and as soon as it started to bubble a little bit I added the flounder filets

While the flounder cooked I arranged the arugula on the plate, and sliced a few grape tomatoes in half to top the arugula.  Drizzled on some Green Goddess dressing and my salad was done.

I flipped the flounder and realized it was already flaky and cooked through.  Put on plate next to the arugula and turned the heat off.  I added another pot of butter to the pan and the juice of half a lemon.  Then threw in a tiny spoonful of capers and stirred it together with the same spatula I had used for the fish.

I poured the caper lemon butter over the fish fillets, and dinner was served!

Couldn’t believe how delicious and easy this was.

Can this dinner help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious dinner that was fun to cook and made with healthy ingredients.  Meals like this can improve your skin, body and energy levels.  And a energetic girl with pretty skin and a fit body is always hot!


Primal Kitchen Foods Green Goddess Dressing  use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT to save 10% on everything at Primal Kitchen Foods and Primal Blueprint



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