Collagen Coffee 101

collagen coffee 101

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know all about my collagen coffee.

But happy, healthy and hot has picked up a lot of new followers, both here on the blog and over on Instagram @happyhealthyandhot_elizabeth , so I decided to go back to basics and tell you what collagen coffee is, why I drink it, and how to make it.

Here goes…

Collagen coffee is simply a blend of hot coffee, coconut oil and collagen peptides.  It’s all whipped up in the blender so it’s frothy like a latte.

I have been starting the day with this concoction for years now, and have noticed some real benefits including firmer skin, stronger nails, better focus and more stable energy.  

Not bad for a little drink that I whip up in about a minute!

Coconut oil provides healthy fats that help to provide stable energy.  The medium chain triglycerides are good for brain health and can improve focus.  Healthy fats like coconut oil are also amazing for your skin.

Collagen peptides are pretty much my favorite healthy discovery because they have so many benefits.  Collagen protein can firm your skin…this is the reason I started taking it, and I noticed a difference in about a month.  They also help to strengthen nails and hair.  Collagen peptides can even give you a better body…here’s a whole post on that topic:

3 ways collagen peptides can give you a better body

There are tons of variations, but here are the most basic directions for making collagen coffee…that’s why I’m calling it 101.  Feel free to come up with your own fun variations.  And I don’t sweeten mine, but feel free to do so if that’s your thing.  Stevia and monkfruit extract are two good options.

happy, healthy and hot collagen coffee

one mug of hot, fresh coffee

one tablespoon of coconut oil

one scoop of collagen peptides

Carefully pour the coffee in blender, add coconut oil and collagen peptides.  Blend on high until frothy.  Enjoy!

Can collagen coffee help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Damn straight it can!  In fact, it’s one of the easiest things you can do to improve your skin and body.

You will be happy drinking a delicious coffeehouse style drink made from healthy ingredients.  \


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