Cocktail or mocktail…

ginger lime fizz

it’s up to you!

Lately I’ve been loving the flavor combo of ginger and citrus.  

During the day I stay hydrated with a drink made from fresh ginger, matcha, and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.  If you missed that recipe a few weeks ago, here’s the post:  Another way to glow on the go…

And when I want something a little more festive, I enjoy this fizzy combo of ginger and lime…

that also has some legit benefits.

The ingredients are simple, just some ginger kombucha, lime seltzer and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.  

Festive on its own, or you could totally liven it up with a shot of vodka.

I have been a fan of kombucha for years, going back to my vegetarian days.  Kombucha is basically sweet tea that has been fermented until most of the sugar is gone.  The fermentation process produces probiotics and enzymes that can aid digestion.  It also contains glucosamines that support production of hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is amazing for your skin and connective tissues.

My favorite readily available brand of Kombucha is GT’s, and their Gingerade flavor is perfect for this drink.  You used to have to go to places like Whole Foods for Kombucha, but now you can find it in Target and most grocery stores.

Lime flavored seltzer adds even more fizz to this drink, and helps you stay hydrated.  Good kombuchas don’t contain much sugar, but this helps to cut the sugar even more.

Fresh lime juice contributes a refreshing tart taste.  Citrus is a great source of vitamin C, which helps to brighten the skin and supports the production of new collagen.  A word of caution…lime juice can increase photosensitivity in some people, making them burn faster in the sun.  This has never happened to me, but feel it’s worth sharing.

And if you want to magically turn this drink from a mocktail to a cocktail, just add a shot of vodka.  Absolut Lime would be amazing in this.

Here’s how I made it:

happy, healthy and hot ginger lime fizz

Gather GT’s Gingerade Kombucha, lime seltzer and a fresh lime wedge or two.  Fill a cute glass with ice.  Pour the kombucha until it’s about three quarters full, then top with seltzer and add a squeeze of lime.  If you really want to make it a party, start with a shot of vodka in the glass.


Can this ginger lime fizz help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You’ll be happy enjoying a festive drink made from healthy ingredients.  The probiotics and vitamin C support pretty skin and overall health…very hot!


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