Prosecco in plastic cups…


candy, and a shit ton of french fries.

That’s what I ate on Saturday.

And I have no regrets.  It was a super fun and memorable day, and I woke up feeling amazing on Sunday morning.

So that’s what this post is all about…

enjoying life, and food, and not freaking out if you have a day that is made up of carbs and alcohol.

Most of my days are filled with collagen coffee, green drinks, grass fed beef and all the veggies.

Eating this way makes me feel energized and fit, and I love it.

But on Saturday, while spending the day at the Devon Horse Show with my sister and her family, we enjoyed all kinds of things that we don’t normally eat.  Without any guilt or regrets.

My day started out the usual way, with the collagen coffee that I drink every single day.  I had a second cup in the car, since I was dragging from working late the night before.  My other travel cup was filled with the ginger matcha drink that I just posted.  (Here’s a link if you missed it:  Another way to glow on the go… )

As soon as we arrived at the horse show, we made a bee line for the candy stand.

Lemon sticks are a traditional Devon Horse Show treat that I have never seen anywhere else.  They just cut the top of the lemon off and insert a lemon flavored candy stick into it.  You suck the tart lemon juice up through the candy straw…it’s the perfect combo of sweet and sour.


After the candy, we moved on to French fries.  I’m not usually a fry person, but these were out of this world…perfectly crispy with just the right amount of salt.  They were so amazing we had some later in the day as well.


And who can resist drinking Prosecco out of plastic cups in the middle of the afternoon?  Not me!

Later we had Chardonnay (also served in plastic) at the Clydesdale Corner bar.

No green vegetables were consumed.  (Sure, there were salads and some “healthier” things we could have ordered.  But we didn’t.)

I want to point out that I still stayed away from gluten.  Because that really messes with my stomach.  So to me, the cute little tea sandwiches just weren’t worth it.

And to be honest, I didn’t really eat that much food.  It was hot and humid, which definitely dampens my appetite. Perfect lemon stick weather, though!

On Sunday morning I woke up feeling amazing.  Had my usual coffee and took KO for a long walk.

I didn’t beat myself up for the crap I ate the day before, I just went on with my day.

And that’s what I want you to take away from this.

Sometimes you just need to break out of your routine.

Let’s enjoy our lives.  I truly enjoy a grass fed steak and green veggies.  But some days I want to enjoy fries and Prosecco.  And that’s cool too.

Because that’s what happy, healthy and hot is all about.  It’s not just about eating and working out, it’s a lifestyle.

You totally deserve to look and feel amazing, and if you’re stressing about every single thing you’re putting in to your body it’s going to be hard.

Can you eat some junk from time to time and still feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You’ll be happy living in the moment and truly enjoying your food.  Sometimes it’s mentally healthy to just give yourself a break.  And a girl who’s relaxed and enjoying life is always hot!








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