Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies…

are one of my favorite things right now.  Right up there with the new Charlie Puth song and wearing booties with shorts.  Which I’ve been doing pretty much every day.

pb cookies eliz

These cookies taste amazing, are a good source of healthy fat and protein, and contain collagen peptides that help to firm your skin and strengthen nails and hair.  Collagen peptides can even help you have a better body…for more info read this post:  3 ways collagen peptides can give you a better body

In other words, these cookies can make you prettier!

This recipe is a variation of the cashew butter chocolate chip cookies that I posted last summer. Here’s what I used:

Peanut butter is kind of the star here (well, except for the chocolate chips.)  Any natural peanut butter (look for one without added sugar) will work.  Yes, I know peanuts are technically a legume, which many people avoid if they are doing the paleo/primal thing.  I do just fine with some peanut butter from time to time.  It’s a good source of protein and it tastes great with chocolate!

Eggs add quality protein and good fats.  I always buy pastured eggs which are higher in fat soluble vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Coconut flour helps to bind everything together.  I love to use coconut flour in my grain free/low carb baking.   It looks pricey compared to other flours, but a little bit goes a long way!  You only use two tablespoons in this recipe.  It’s awesome for making a crispy “breading” for things like chicken drumsticks or fish.

I used Lakanto brand monk fruit sweetener to sweeten these cookies and keep things as low carb as possible. Other options that should work measure for measure would be coconut palm sugar or just plain cane sugar.

I buy my coconut flour and monk fruit at a nice discount from Thrive Market…additional savings at the end of this post.

Collagen peptides are the secret sauce that makes these cookies so amazing.  Collagen protein helps to firm the skin, strengthen nails and hair, and can even help you lose weight.

I buy my collagen peptides from Further Food…love this company for quality and value.  Discount code at the end of the post!

Oh, and we can’t forget the chocolate chips!  If you want to do super clean baking, I love the Enjoy Life brand of chocolate chips.  But since not every store carries them, and I was dying to make these cookies, I went old school and used Nestlé Toll House.

Want to make these cookies?  Of course you do!  Here’s the recipe…can’t wait for you to try them!

happy, healthy and hot chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

one cup natural peanut butter

one half cup monk fruit sweetener (I use Lakanto brand)

two tablespoons coconut flour

five scoops collagen peptides (I use Further Food brand)

two eggs

one half teaspoon baking powder

one half cup chocolate chips

Combine everything except chocolate chips in a medium bowl, stir until thoroughly mixed.  Add chocolate chips and work evenly into the dough.

Chill dough for at least an hour in the fridge.  The coconut flour will absorb some of the moisture and the dough will be much easier to work with.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Roll dough into one inch balls and place on a parchment lined baking sheet.  Flatten gently with your hand.  Bake for ten minutes.  They will be pretty soft when you take them out of the oven but will firm up as they cool.

Makes about thirty cookies.  It’s hard to tell because I always end up eating some of the dough!


So, can these cookies help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  They sure as hell can!

Of course you’ll be happy…you’re eating a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie.  And they are made with clean healthy ingredients.  These ingredients can give you prettier skin, nicer hair and nails, and even a better body.  So you’ll be hot for sure!


Further Food Collagen Peptides use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT to save 10% every time you order

Thrive Market buy Whole Foods quality items at a deep discount…save an additional 20% on your first three orders by going through my link



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