Iced spice…

is my latest obsession.  Because it is finally warm here in central PA.  And I’m not complaining.

iced spice

I’ve been drinking my Turmeric Tonic iced and I’m totally loving it.

Not familiar with Turmeric Tonic?

You need to be!

Turmeric Tonic is a blend of turmeric, adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.  Everything is organic.  It is a fine powder that is easy to blend into liquid or add to other recipes.

Want to get your hands on it right now?  Use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT to save 10% when you order Turmeric Tonic from Further Food.  Here’s the link:  Further Food

The ingredients are amazing.  Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory that has been part of traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years.  It can reduce joint pain, improve blood flow, and has been studied for its cancer prevention properties.  Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it amazing for your skin.

Boswellia is an adaptogen that helps the body deal with stress and boosts the immune system.  Schisandra berry is said to improve mood and mental clarity…I’m all for that!

Cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger contribute to the spicy, chai-like flavor.  They are also potent antioxidants.  The black pepper actually makes the turmeric more bioavailable.

I totally enjoyed Turmeric Tonic as a hot drink during our never ending winter.  But now that it’s convertible weather (my favorite kind of weather!) I wanted to change things up.

All I do is add a scoop of Turmeric Tonic to half a glass of cool water.  Stir, sweeten with a bit of stevia, and add a splash of cashew milk.  Or whatever nut milk you like.  I love Elmhurst brand for their super clean ingredients and creamy taste. Then add some ice cubes.  Or not.  

Tastes like some kind of crazy over priced and over sugared coffee house treat, but with so many benefits.  And soooo yummy!

Want to read more about Turmeric Tonic?  Here are links to some other posts I’ve written:

I’m totally into turmeric…

As versatile as a pair of pleather leggings!

So, can drinking some iced Turmeric Tonic help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You will be happy drinking a delicious beverage made from healthy ingredients.  These ingredients can give you pretty skin, more energy and even a better mood.  And a happy, energetic girl with pretty skin is always hot!


Turmeric Tonic from Further Food save 10% with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT





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