This watercress soup is gorgeous…

and it will make you gorgeous!

This cold summer soup is loaded with healthy fats, collagen protein and antioxidant rich veggies for gorgeous skin and a hot body.  It fits in nicely with Paleo, Primal and Keto lifestyles and is even Whole30 compliant.

And it literally comes together in minutes, since there’s no actual cooking involved.  Which means more time for playing in the pool, squeezing in a quick workout on the bosu, or taking some cute pics for Instagram!

I love to have this soup for lunch on a hot day.  You could serve smaller portions and have it with a meal also.

watercress soup eliz

Here’s what I use:

Watercress is the star of the show here.   It gives the soup a peppery kick, as well as vitamins C, K and many phytonutrients.  I grew up on watercress…my grandmother had it growing wild in a stream and we’d make sandwiches with Philadelphia cream cheese.  Soooo good!

Cucumber adds a fresh, summery taste.  Cucumber skin contains silica, which is great for your hair, skin and nails.  If the cucumber is organic, leave the skin on for this soup!

Avocado gives the soup its rich creaminess.  And of course it’s loaded with beneficial fats for glowing skin.  Avocado also contains a decent dose of fiber and copper, which helps to firm the skin.

Chicken bone broth adds savory flavor along with a wide variety of minerals and a good dose of collagen protein.  Please do not use the crappy canned broth sold at most grocery stores.  It is usually loaded with MSG and other additives.

If you make your own broth, you are totally amazing…send some my way!  If you’re like most of us, and prefer to buy it, there are some high quality brands out there.  Bonafide Provisions can be found at Wegmans and Whole Foods (or check their website for other locations) and Kettle & Fire can be ordered online.

Both of these companies make their broth the old school way…simmering for at least 24 hours to extract all of the minerals and collagen from the bones.  So not only are these brands highly nutritious, they taste amazing!  And scroll down for a discount code from Kettle & Fire.

happy, healthy and hot watercress soup

makes one large or two small servings

one ripe avocado, peeled and quartered

one half of a cucumber, cut into chunks (skin on if organic)

handful of watercress

one cup chicken bone broth, chilled in fridge

pink Himalayan salt to taste (depends on saltiness of broth)

Just dump everything in the blender and blend on low.  I personally prefer it a little chunky.  This soup is meant to be served cold.

watercress soup bowl

Can this watercress soup help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You’ll be happy enjoying delicious soup made with healthy ingredients.  Eating meals like this that have healthy fat, collagen protein and antioxidants supports glowing skin and a fit body…very hot!


Kettle & Fire Bone Broth use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT15 for 15% off




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