Here’s the perfect way to use up those Easter eggs…

my BLT egg salad.

leftover easter eggs?

It’s pretty much the best lunch ever.

Totally covers all the bases…high quality fat and protein, and tons of antioxidants from the fresh veggies.

If you are eating Paleo, Primal or Keto this fits right in.  It’s even Whole30 compliant if you use bacon without any added sugar.

Oh yeah, and it tastes amazing.  And takes just a few minutes to make.

By the way, the eggs in this pic are just a hodgepodge of colors.  I did not dye any eggs.  Love getting fresh eggs from my sister that are all different colors…the blue is always my fave of course!

Here’s all you need:

Hard boiled eggs, of course.  This is egg salad.  And if you don’t have any leftover from Easter (or if you are reading this post in July) that’s totally cool.  Hard boil some eggs however you like…there are so many techniques these days.  Or just take the lazy girl’s way out and buy the ones that are already cooked and peeled for you, which I do on a regular basis.  Pastured eggs are always best if you can get them.  Either way eggs are a great source of high quality protein, healthy fat and fat soluble vitamins.

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo is the only mayo that I use anymore.  It tastes great and I love how clean the ingredients are.  Most mayos are made with crappy industrial vegetable oils that are not doing us any favors.  Avocado oil is so amazing for you, and the taste is perfect for mayo.  You can save 10% on everything at Primal Kitchen Foods with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT

Bacon is pretty much what makes a BLT, am I right?  Once again taking the lazy girl’s way out, I used the precooked nitrate free bacon that was available at a local grocery store.  Sometimes I will cook a whole pound of bacon at once in the oven, but just wasn’t feeling it.  Actually just wasn’t feeling cleaning the pan.

Tomatoes are a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which is crucial for bright healthy skin.  They are at their best in the summer, but those “on the vine” tomatoes that are available year round taste pretty great.

Lettuce, or any leafy green, forms the base of the salad.  You can totally do something traditional like romaine, but for even more nutritional punch (and flavor) go a little crazy and use arugula or baby kale.  What ever you choose, leafy greens are a great source of skin loving antioxidants so don’t be shy.  Throw a big handful on your plate!

blt egg salad blue plate

happy, healthy and hot BLT egg salad

two peeled hard cooked eggs

one medium tomato, diced

two strips of cooked bacon, chopped

one tablespoon Primal Kitchen Foods Avocado Oil Mayo

lettuce or other leafy greens to put on plate

Ok, this is ridiculously easy…just use an egg slicer to slice those eggs into a small bowl…or run two knives through them if you want a chunkier cut.  And remaining ingredients except the greens and gently stir to combine.

Put greens on plate and top with egg salad.  Enjoy!  This is very forgiving…feel free to double, triple, whatever.  It’s all good.

So, can my BLT egg salad help you feel happy, healthy and hot.  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy eating a delicious salad that is made from healthy ingredients.  It’s a great mix of protein, high quality fat and antioxidant rich veggies.  Eating this way can help you lose or maintain your weight, and supports healthy skin and hair.  And with that fit body, glowing skin and pretty hair you’ll be very hot!


Avocado Oil Mayo from Primal Kitchen Foods  save 10% on everything at Primal Kitchen with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT

Thrive Market  get the mayo and so many other healthy items at a 25-50% discount.  Try a month for free and get 20% off your first three orders by going through my link












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