Rosé all day…

is probably not such a great idea.


I’d rather just hang out on this inflatable bottle of rosé and replenish my vitamin D stores!

But I do enjoy a nice glass of wine.  Usually a dry red.

Problem is, most wines sold in the US are loaded with additives.  Which can lead to headaches and generally feeling shitty the next day.  There have been times where I have woken up with a splitting headache after just one glass.

Not cool.

But I’ve found a few solutions to this problem…

Here are some of my favorite brands of wine with cleaner ingredients, so you don’t feel like shit the next day.

I’ve been raving about Dry Farm Wines for almost two years now.  Because who wouldn’t rave about a company that delivers carefully curated organic European wine to your door?  Seriously, what’s not to like?

Dry Farm is a wine club…you pick the size of your shipment (six or twelve bottles), the frequency (monthly or every two months) and the type of wine (red, white or mixed) and BOOM…wine magically appears at your doorstep.

If you’re concerned about the commitment of a wine club, start out with a frequency of every two months.  That gives you plenty of time to sample some wines and make sure you’re happy.

Dry Farm wines are compatible with a Paleo, Primal or Keto lifestyle.  They have been endorsed by leaders in the health industry like Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey and Robb Wolf.  The wines are sugar free and tend to be on the dryer side, which is what I prefer.

Not only do I love the products, I love the whole vibe of this company.  Here’s a link to check them out: 

Dry Farm Wines

Scout & Cellar is a new player in the organic wine biz.  It is a direct sales company, so you order the wine through a rep.  I worked with Tressy, a independent rep based in Texas, and loved the wine she recommended to me based on my tastes.  It was a 2015 Girasole hybrid red from California that retails for $20 but tasted like it cost much more than that.

Most of the wines from Scout & Cellar are from the US, but they carry some imports as well.  Scout and Cellar does offer a wine club with monthly shipments, but you can also order by the individual bottle, which is a nice option.  Here’s a link:

Scout & Cellar

And if you just want to run into the wine store, or grocery store to pick up a bottle, two organic brands that are widely available are Bonterra and Natura.  Bonterra wines are produced in the US and Natura are from Chile.  I don’t know much about these companies, but it’s nice to see that there are more organic options out there.  Please note

Ok, so while we’re on the subject of wine….

Don’t go crazy.  Even if you’re drinking wine that is organic, sugar free, and loaded with antioxidants you don’t need to knock off the whole bottle.  Wine is meant to be savored, not chugged.  Your body processes the calories from alcohol before anything else.  So if you overdo it with the wine the other stuff is just getting stored as fat.

Stay hydrated.  Alcohol, even when it is super clean like this, dries you out.  A good rule of thumb is to have a glass of water for every serving of alcohol.

So, can you enjoy a glass of rosé (or red, or white) and feel happy, healthy and hot?  You sure can, as long as you drink the right wine.

You’ll be happy enjoying a festive treat.  Quality wines like these are a good source of antioxidants for pretty skin.  As long as you don’t overdo it, they fit in just fine with your healthy lifestyle.  And a happy girl with gorgeous skin who’s having fun is always hot!


Dry Farm Wines

Scout & Cellar









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