In honor of Presidents Day…

I whipped up this cherry mocha shake.

cherry mocha shake

I cannot tell a lie…this was totally inspired by a treat I saw at Starbucks while I was charging my phone before heading to the airport.  There were signs everywhere for the Cherry Mocha Frappucino.

It sounded appealing, but I knew it would be loaded with sugar.  So I settled on an iced coffee with a splash of almond milk, and decide to make my own version of the Cherry Mocha Frappucino when I got home.

My happy, healthy and hot  cherry mocha shake is delicious and loaded with ingredients that support gorgeous skin and a hot body.  And it’s not a total sugar bomb either…the only sugar is from the naturally occurring sugar in the cherries!

Here’s what I used:

Cherries are one of my faves.  They contain more sugar than most of the fruits I use, but they are also loaded with antioxidants (be specific) I used frozen organic sweet cherries for this.  Using them frozen makes the shake nice and thick, and you can always have some on hand for when you want a healthy sweet treat.

Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen Foods is one of my staples.  (Love the vanilla flavor too!)  It’s a protein shake with no sugar and super clean ingredients.  It also contains collagen protein and healthy fat from coconuts which are both amazing for your skin and body.  The sweetness comes from monk fruit extract, a natural non-caloric sweetener that you’ll be seeing more and more of.

Combining coffee with the chocolate is what gives this drink its amazing mocha flavor.  Coffee is also a good source of antioxidants.  It has to be chilled, so maybe throw some in the fridge when you brew your morning coffee.  Or use some bottled cold brew if you have it.

If you want the shake creamier tasting, you could do half coffee and half some type of milk.  I like cashew milk.

Here’s all you do…super easy and soooooo good!

happy, healthy and hot cherry mocha shake

one cup coffee, chilled (or half cup coffee and half cup nut milk)

one half cup frozen sweet cherries

two scoops Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen Foods

Dump everything in the blender, blend on high, pour into a tall glass and enjoy!

Can my cherry mocha shake help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah it can!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious treat made with healthy ingredients.  It’s also super versatile…this could be a meal replacement, afternoon pick me up, or dessert!  The ingredients can give you firm, glowing skin, a better body and increased energy.  Very hot!


Chocolate Coconut Collagen Fuel   save 10% on everything at Primal Kitchen Foods with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT



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