As versatile as a pair of pleather leggings!

I’m talking about chia pudding.  It’s so versatile…can be breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert…whatever you want.

leggings chia eliz

Pleather leggings are versatile too.  With the right pair, you pretty much wear them anywhere…put on cute sneakers and go work out, or slip into some badass booties and go out for a drink.  Or pretty much anything in between.

So here’s my latest chia pudding recipe…loaded with good stuff so you will look and feel amazing in your cute pleather leggings!

Oh, and this recipe will make everyone happy…it’s paleo, primal, keto, and even vegan.  Unless you’re just not into pudding!

Chia pudding requires a few simple ingredients.  I upgraded mine with Turmeric Tonic from Further Food, for amazing health benefits and fun spicy chai flavor.

Here’s what you need:

Chia seeds are obviously key here.  Any kind of chia works, but the white chia makes a prettier pudding.  Chia seeds are high in fiber, omega 3s and many essential minerals.  They contain antioxidants which prevent free radical damage to the skin.  Ancient Aztec warriors ate chia to give them high energy and endurance.  Not only does chia provide a ton of nutrition, it absorbs liquid readily and is what thickens the pudding without the use of cornstarch.

You can use whatever nut milk you prefer.  Look for one that is unsweetened or minimally sweetened, without a million ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  One of my favorite brands is Elmhurst.  It contains a tiny bit of cane sugar, but the ingredients are super clean, and it has a satisfying, creamy taste.  My favorite is the cashew milk.  One cup contains just two grams of sugar.

Turmeric Tonic from Further Food is my new BFF.  It is a blend of powdered organic spices, adaptogenic herbs and super foods that can be used to make a hot drink.  I’m finding other uses for it too, like this pudding.  Turmeric is known for it’s amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  It can reduce joint pain, improve blood flow, and even has cancer prevention properties. Combined with the other amazing ingredients this is a powerhouse blend that also has an amazing spicy chai taste.

Lately I’ve been using a monk fruit sweetener made by Lakanto which I’m really pleased with.  If you don’t have any on hand and are dying to make this pudding, you could sweeten with coconut sugar or stevia.  Measurements will be different…with powdered stevia you would need much less.  Just sweeten to taste.

Ok, so here’s all you do for one serving.  You can easily double or triple this…it’s great to have on hand in the fridge when you want a quick snack.

happy, healthy and hot chia chai pudding

one cup nut milk of choice

three tablespoons chia seeds

one scoop Further Food Turmeric Tonic

one tablespoon Lakanto brand monkfruit sweetener

Dump everything in the blender, blend on high.  Pour into serving bowl (I like to use a cute little jar) and chill in fridge for at least 30 minutes to thicken up.  Enjoy!

So, can my chia pudding help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious and versatile treat!  The ingredients are totally healthy and support better skin and increased energy.  Plus eating this way can help you maintain a healthy weight and fit body.  So you’ll be hot for sure!


Further Food Turmeric Tonic get 10% off your entire order every time with my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT

Thrive Market great way to save 25-50% on so many healthy items…that’s where I get the monk fruit sweetener and chia seeds




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