Do you have six minutes?

Because that’s really all it takes to have a better body.

ass and abs eliz

If you follow me on Instagram @resnickelizabeth then you already know about #assandabsallyear.  

At the end of April I had a little mini panic when I realized that summer was right around the corner.  I publicly declared May to be #assandabsmonth, and started posting my little at home workouts, which forced me to be accountable.

I noticed real results in that month, and so did my friends who were doing this along with me.  So #assandabsmonth turned into #assandabssummer, and eventually became #assandabs all year.

And every Monday, I post a video or series of pics with some easy moves you can do at home.  

The one I am sharing this week is so simple and effective…here you go:

Hold a bridge for one minute.


Then a side plank…thirty seconds on one side.  Thirty seconds on the other.

side plank

Then a plank for one minute.



Boom, you’re done!  And it only took six minutes.

You will notice I’m using a bosu ball for this.  I love it because it is more comfortable and the instability causes your muscles to engage even more.

But the bosu is not necessary.  Just get down on the floor and do it!  You’ll feel so good!

For more quick workouts like this, follow me on Instagram @resnickelizabeth .  You’ll also get recipes and all kinds of fun tips that don’t always make it to the website.  Because I’m a busy girl!

Can my six minute ass and abs workout help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy doing a fun, effective workout that only takes six minutes.  Moving your body like this is so healthy and gives you more energy.  And an energetic girl with a nice ass and abs is always hot!



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