Big Keto Giveaway!

Hey happy, healthy and hot friends!

I have an awesome giveaway going on over on Instagram right now.

keto eliz pleather

I’ve teamed up with The Primal Blueprint and Primal Kitchen Foods to give away a copy of The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson (read my review here:  Want to look and feel amazing? ) along with the Keto Kit from Primal Kitchen Foods, an awesome collection of the salad dressings, mayo and avocado oil that I use in my kitchen every day.  I’ve posted tons of recipes using them.

keto kit

To enter you have to go to my Instagram account @resnickelizabeth and follow the directions under the video I just posted (wearing the outfit shown above…it’s hard to miss lol).

Can this giveaway help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah, it sure can!

You’ll be happy winning an awesome prize.  The book gives so many tips for living a healthy life, and the Keto Kit will help you cook up some awesome meals.  Following these tips can give you glowing skin, tons of energy and an amazing body….you’ll be hot for sure!


Keto Kit from Primal Kitchen Foods



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