If you want to get up at the crack of dawn…

wait in line outside in the dark, and fight the crowds just to get a deal on Black Friday, be my guest.

If you’d rather chill with a warm mug of coffee (maybe this one:  I’m totally loving this gingerbread latte…) and do some online shopping, I can totally help you out.

Black Friday Eliz

Because I’ve put together a list of deals on products that are totally happy, healthy and hot approved.

You’re welcome!

Annmarie Skincare is one of my faves!  Love their super effective products with completely clean ingredients.  Cannot say enough nice things about the Anti Aging Serum.  For Black Friday, they are offering 25% off of everything except sample kits and gift cards.

Here’s the link:

Annmarie Skincare 25% off  use the code RADIATEBEAUTY

Kasandrinos Olive Oil is also offering 25% off their delicious olive oil imported from small family farms in Greece.  This is a great gift for any of your foodie friends.  Buy more than you think you need…a bottle of olive oil is an awesome hostess gift too.

On Black Friday, use the code bf25. 

Kasandrinos Olive Oil 25% off

Kettle and Fire makes the most amazing bone broth.  It’s cooked the old fashioned way (in other words, for hours!) and not only tastes amazing it is loaded with minerals and collagen so it can do wonders for your skin, nails, hair and connective tissues.  For Black Friday they are offering their best discount ever…30% off.  Here’s your link:

Kettle and Fire

Metal Marvels is a new fave of mine.  This woman-owned company carries fun and affordable jewelry and other accessories that are the perfect combo of inspirational and badass.  My favorites are the bangles in the ‘expletives” line.  These are delicate bracelets that you can wear just about anywhere…you have to look really closely to see what they say.  I’m writing this post before they have announced the Black Friday deals, but if you go through this link you’ll be taken right to them!  And when it’s not Black Friday, just use my code HAPPYHEALTHYANDHOT for 15% off.

Metal Marvels

So, can shopping these Black Friday deals help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  It sure can!

You’ll be happy sitting at home instead of fighting the crowds.  Everything on this shopping list is healthy in some way, whether it’s geared towards your skin, body or mind.  And a happy girl with glowing skin and a gorgeous body is always hot.  

Hope you enjoy Black Friday however you end up spending it!


Annmarie Skincare 25% off 

Kasandrinos Olive Oil  get 25% off with code bf25

Kettle and Fire 30% off   

Metal Marvels


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