We got the beet!

It’s no secret that I love beets.  I also love some good ’80s music now and then.  

Beets are amazing for you, and I enjoy the earthy, slightly sweet taste.

Last year, I published a post that described how I roast whole beets, then peel them.  There was also an ’80s musical reference of course. Here’s a link:

Beet it

But that whole process of roasting, then peeling, is a complete pain in the ass.  And a messy one, at that.

So I’m excited to tell you about my latest way to enjoy beets…

we got the beet

roasted beet noodles!

I cannot take credit for this idea.  I saw it on Melissa Hartwig’s Instagram and couldn’t wait to try it.

If you don’t know who Melissa Hartwig is, she’s the creator of the Whole30 and an all around badass.  Totally love how she keeps things real and doesn’t pretend to be perfect.  And like everyone else, I’m completely obsessed with her hair, which looks amazing even when she is working out.

All I did was buy some pre-cut beet noodles at the grocery store, dump them onto a baking sheet, throw on some Himalayan salt and avocado oil, and roast at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes.   I stirred them once to make sure they were cooking evenly and well coated with the oil and salt.  (I ended up using a pan larger than the one shown in the pic so they would have a little more room.)

These were amazing and not at all messy to make.  You could totally serve them as a side dish, but I copied Melissa (once again) and threw them on a salad.  It was soooo good!

we got the beet salad

I used spring mix, the roasted beets (still slightly warm…because I couldn’t wait!), some ripe pear, and pine nuts.  Drizzled with Primal Kitchen Foods avocado oil (olive oil would be good too) and a little balsamic vinegar.  Total yum!

Oh, and about those beets…they really are pretty amazing for you.  That intense color is a sign that they are high in phytonutrients, including betalains.  These have been shown to lessen tumor growth in human cells…pretty exciting.

Beets are high in antioxidants, which prevent free radical damage, which in turn prevents some signs of aging.  The high fiber content and vitamin C make them awesome for you skin.

Beets are a little starchier and higher in sugar than most veggies.  It’s always good to pair them with a healthy fat, like I did in the salad.

So, can roasting beet noodles help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course!

You’ll be happy eating something so delicious and so easy.  Beets are healthy…they are awesome for your skin and loaded with nutrients.  Combining them with more fresh produce and healthy fat, like I did in the salad, can keep you satiated and help you lose weight.  And with that gorgeous skin and fit body you’ll be very hot!


Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil



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