I love everything about summer…

lounging by the pool sipping iced coffee, driving with the top down, slipping into a tank and some shorts instead of a bulky sweater.

And I love summer fruit.  First it was all the berries, now we’re moving into the stone fruits…peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries.  Sooooo good!

stone fruits eliz

The great news is…

they have some real health benefits.  Let’s take a quick look, then I’ll give you a fun recipe!

Peaches just scream summer.  I love the taste of a perfectly ripe peach, I just don’t like to peel them.  Peaches contain fiber, vitamin C, and carotenes which are all awesome for your skin.  Remember, vitamin C not only brightens the skin but actually helps it produce more collagen!  And vitamin C from fresh fruits and veggies is way more bioavailable than any supplement.

Nectarines are actually a type of peach, just without the fuzz.  Which is why I love them so much.  Nutritional content is just like a peach.

stone fruits bowl

Apricots are also a favorite when they’re in season (I don’t waste my time with the dried ones….too much of a sugar bomb!)  Apricots are an awesome source of carotenes which have been shown to give your skin a healthy glow.  They have a little fuzz, but it’s not annoying like a peach.

Plums are a good source of vitamin C and trace minerals.  They offer significant antioxidant protection from the polyphenols they contain.

Cherries are my fave out of all of these!  They are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, and copper, as well as some antioxidants that are helpful with inflammation.  Cherries also contain melatonin which can help regulate your sleep cycles.

All of these fruits have a short shelf life.  Cherries are usually ripe when you buy them, and the others will ripen quickly at room temperature, after which you can store in the fridge for a few days.

Stone fruits tend to be heavily sprayed, so it goes without saying that organic is best.  But I will be the first to admit that I rarely see organic peaches, apricots, etc.  So I wash them well and still enjoy them!

I love eating all of these fruits as-is...you don’t really  need to dress them up in any way.   Cherries are awesome to brighten up a salad…here’s one I love:  When cherries are in season…

And if you really want to enjoy a seasonal summer treat, you can make sangria!

This is a variation of the berry sangria I posted a few weeks ago…super easy, low in sugar, and contains antioxidants and probiotics.  Doesn’t get much better!

Just put three cups of diced stone fruit (if you use plums and nectarines you don’t need to peel them) into a big pitcher.  Add a bottle of a dry white wine (Dry Farm Wines are organic and sugar free!) and let chill for at least four hours.  Top it off with a 16 ounce bottle of ginger kombucha.  You’re good to go!  The ginger really complements the fruit, and kombucha adds just a bit of fizz.  Sooo refreshing!

So, can eating these seasonal fruits help you feel happy, heathy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious seasonal treat.  Not only that, it’s a healthy treat!  These fruits contain nutrients like vitamin C, carotenes and copper that can firm your skin and give it a healthy glow.  Plus, replacing sugary sweets with fruit can help you lose weight and have more energy.  With that glowing skin and gorgeous body, you’ll be hot indeed! 


Dry Farm Wines  

They deliver organic, sugar free European wines to your door.  Does it get any better?  Go through this link to claim a bottle for a penny with your first order!


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