Want brows that wow?

Recently I had the opportunity to try out two eyebrow products from 100% Pure.  Which was fun, since I love cosmetics of all kinds, and think 100% Pure is awesome.


In case you’re not familiar, 100% Pure is a natural cosmetics and skin care company.  Their products have the feel and packaging of something from Sephora or a high end department store, but the ingredients are incredibly clean.  In addition to a number of their makeup items, I love their shampoos and conditioners and various shower products.

Long Last Brows in Blonde is what I tried first.  This has a paste like consistency and comes in a cute little pot.  I applied with the with Cruelty Free Dual Ended Eyebrow Brush.  Totally love this stuff!  Super easy to apply and stays on all day…even in this crazy PA humidity.  A little goes a long way…the pot will last forever.  Just get a tiny amount on the brush and feather it on.  I’ve been using this for several months and I’ve barely made a dent.  Love how it fills in my brows and gives definition.  At night it comes off easily when I cleanse with coconut oil.

Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder in Soft Brown sat in the bathroom closet for awhile, since I was so in love with the Long Last Brows.  I finally decided to give it a try.  It is basically mascara for your lashes.  It’s super easy to apply.  If you are looking for more fullness, this stuff is awesome.  Like the Long Last Brows, it wears well and removes easily.

These are both great products.  For me personally I  prefer the Long Last Brows because I like to extend my brow a little bit.  Long Last Brows also has a greater range of colors…four as opposed to two.  Both of the colors I tried looked very natural on me.

Some other products I love from 100% Pure include the Vanilla Bean Body Wash, the Honey and Virgin Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Fruit Pigmented Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea.  The mascara is amazing…it actually smells fruity and is really black.  It reminds me of my old fave, Perversion by Urban Decay.


While we’re on the subject of brows, I want to point out that thinning brows (especially at the outer third) can be a sign of thyroid issues.  If you think this may be the case, I highly recommend reading The Paleo Thyroid Solution by my friend Elle Russ.

 Elle is a gorgeous blonde living an active lifestyle in Malibu, CA…totally happy, healthy and hot.  To see her now you would never guess the crazy struggle she went through with her own thyroid issues before reclaiming her health.

But back to makeup….

Can cosmetics from 100% Pure help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You will be happy trying out fun new cosmetics products.  Unlike so many brands out there, the ingredients are truly healthy.  And a happy, healthy girl who is accentuating her own natural beauty is always hot!


100% Pure

The Paleo Thyroid Solution






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