If you’ve been following me on Instagram…

you know all about #assandabssummer.

ass and abs pic

But in case you don’t, here’s what’s going on…

Ass and abs summer is all about simple moves that you can do at home, with little or no equipment, so you can look cute and feel more confident in your summer clothes.  Like this fun grey copped tank.  (It’s actually from the pajama department at Target, lol!  It comes in black too.)

And recently I posted a reminder that a cute ass and nice abs really start in the kitchen, with what you’re putting into your body.  This got more views on Instagram than anything I ever posted, so I’ll share it with you here:

#assandabs kitchen video

Listen, I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to eat.  But I’m happy to let you what works for me and makes me feel good.

After 30+ years of being a vegetarian and sometimes vegan, I feel my best following a primal lifestyle.  I eat tons of veggies, some fruit, eggs, fish, meat, and nuts and seeds.  No grains…most of them make me break out and feel bloated.  Very little dairy.  I feel fine with butter and ghee, everything else makes me break out.

Eating this way makes me feel energetic and I have no problem maintaining a healthy weight.  All year round…not just when it’s #assandabssummer !

Now as far as the moves go, I’m a big believer in finding ways to squeeze fitness into your day.  Little consistent steps really add up!

Here are some of my faves….  

Squats of all kinds are awesome.  Do air squats while you’re brushing your teeth or waiting for your coffee to brew.  Add weights if you really want to feel them.

Chair squats are a nice change…here’s a little demo: #assandabssummer chair squats

No idea what this little move is called…but you will feel it! #assandabssummer

This one really works your obliques.  Yes, you need weights, but I’m sure you have some lying around somewhere.  Go dust them off.  Now!  #assandabssummer obliques

Crunches are an old standby.  Some people say they don’t get results, but I beg to differ. I prefer doing them on my bosu ball, for comfort and better range of motion, but when traveling I’ll gladly do them on the floor.

Standing crunches are a little different.  Here’s a demo:  #assandabssummer standing crunches

Most of these can be done any time, any where.  Which is especially awesome in the summer when many of us are traveling.

So, can #assandabssummer help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You will feel happy doing simple things that are truly effective.  Cutting out the crap and getting enough exercise keeps you healthy.  And when you are confidently rocking those summer outfits…well, that’s very hot!

Thanks for reading!  And be sure to follow me on Instagram @resnickelizabeth for more #assandabssummer tips!





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