The coconut controversy…

coconut controversy eliz
I will continue to buy giant tubs of coconut oil to use in the kitchen and rub all over my body.

is not worth losing any sleep over, that’s for sure.

In case you missed it, USA Today recently published an article titled “Coconut oil isn’t healthy.  It’s never been healthy.”

According to the article, coconut oil is bad because it contains saturated fat, which the American Heart Associate claims will give you heart disease.  This is the same association that pushes margarine over butter and says that sugary cereals are “heart healthy.”  Seriously, AHA, wtf?

Personally, I think this whole thing is a load of crap.  And I will continue to buy coconut oil in giant containers on a regular basis.  Because not only do I use it in the kitchen, it is an awesome moisturizer…love slathering it all over myself when I get out of the shower.

I discovered the wonders of coconut oil back in my raw vegan days.  While being a raw vegan was not a good fit for me, coconut oil was.  (Same with green drinks and lemon water!)

And now that I have been following a paleo/primal approach for about five years, I’ve continued to enjoy coconut oil (and other healthy fats) on a regular basis.  Until very recently, I blended at least a tablespoon of coconut oil into my coffee every morning.  And usually again in the afternoon.  About a month ago I switched over to Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, which is a high quality MCT oil derived from coconuts.  So no fear of coconut oil here!

See, here’s the thing…

Saturated fat is not the bad guy it’s cracked up to be.  It’s actually essential to cellular function.  Our cell membranes are made up of saturated fat.  Our brains are made up of fat.  Much of it saturated.

Saturated fat is also very stable for cooking.  In other words, it doesn’t break down into toxic substances like the highly processed vegetable oils that the AHA suggests that we use.

A huge meta study back in 2010 proved that dietary intake of saturated fat does not cause heart disease or heart attacks.

Clearly if I’m buying coconut oil in giant tubs on a regular basis I think it’s pretty awesome.  But so is pastured butter and ghee, avocado oil and olive oil.  And avocados, raw nuts, and that yummy, crispy skin from a roasted chicken.  It’s not that there’s something magical about coconut oil…it’s healthy, unprocessed fats in general.

Since I have focused on adding more fat to my diet, while simultaneously kicking processed carbs to the curb, I have more energy and maintain a healthy weight with very little effort.  I no longer feel lightheaded if I go more than a few hours without eating, which used to be an everyday occurrence for me.

Listen, you can make up your own mind.  I’m not a doctor.  Or a scientist.  I’m just an outspoken blonde sitting here in a hotel room in New York pounding away on my little Macbook before I go out exploring.  Sipping on some coffee with Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, derived from coconuts!

For a more scientific look at this whole situation, Melissa Hartwig (creator of the Whole30 and all around badass) did a great job explaining it.  Here’s a link if you want more details:

Whole30:  Our official position on coconutgate 2017

So, can coconut oil and other healthy fats help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

You will be happy eating delicious foods that keep you energized and satiated.  Fats from foods like coconut, avocado and olive oils are awesome for your skin and hair, and can help you maintain a healthy weight.  And with that unstoppable energy, glowing skin and sexy body, you will be totally hot!


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