So here’s that coffee I’ve been raving about…

OK, I know I talk about coffee all the time.  Because I talk about stuff I love.  Coffee is on the list.  So is my car.  And “Strip That Down” by Liam Payne and Quavo.  

For years now, I have blended some healthy fat and collagen into my coffee every morning, and encouraged you to do the same.  I’ve seen huge improvements in my skin and overall energy levels since I started doing it.  And I want you to feel amazing too!

When I got back from Paleo f(x) in Austin, TX (which was pretty much the best thing ever for a health nut like me) I made a few tweaks to my original coffee recipe.  And I feel even better!  Didn’t think that was possible.

So of course I have to share it.  Here’s what I’ve been adding:

new coffee eliz

Coffee is obviously the first ingredient.  Please go with organic if possible…coffee is a highly sprayed crop!  I really enjoy Balance by Javazen…it’s a blend of organic coffee, matcha and raw cacao that I brew in a French press.  I’m planning to try the Bulletproof brand coffee next, since I am loving their other products so much.

Kerrygold butter is pretty much the most delicious butter ever, and it comes from pastured cows.  Pastured butter is higher in vitamins A, D and K, and tastes amazing.  Be sure to use unsalted if you are blending it into your coffee.  I am sensitive to most dairy but do fine with butter and ghee.  Love the creamy flavor it adds, in addition to the health benefits.

Organic cinnamon adds nice flavor and hint of sweetness.  I used to add a little bit of stevia, but I think that it ends up making me crave more sweet things later in the day, so I’m trying to do without.  Cinnamon also has some impressive health benefits.  It is high in antioxidants and may protect against heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline. (And I was just adding it to taste good!)

Collagen peptides are one of my happy, healthy and hot essentials.  My very first post was a matcha latte recipe that included collagen peptides.  I think two people read it.  One of them was my mom.  Including collagen in my diet on a daily basis has improved my skin more than anything else.  It’s also good for hair, nails, and connective tissues.  I think all this collagen is the reason I am never sore after workouts.  (Or maybe I’m just not doing enough!)

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil has been a total game changer for me.  It is a high quality MCT oil derived from coconuts.  I can’t even put into words how great this stuff is!  I’ve been using it since I came home from Paleo f(x) a few weeks ago, and am amazed at how energized and focused I feel, even though I am not getting nearly enough sleep.  You need to start small, like a teaspoonful, and can work your way up.  I am doing two to three teaspoons of it a day and feel incredible.

So here it is…my updated coffee recipe:

happy, healthy and hot coffee…summer 2017 edition!

one large cup of freshly brewed coffee…organic is preferred

one tablespoon Kerrygold unsalted butter

organic cinnamon to taste

one scoop collagen peptides

one teaspoon Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Throw everything in the blender, starting with the coffee.  Blend on high until frothy and pour into a cute mug.  Cute mugs make life more fun.  Enjoy!


So, can my new coffee recipe help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  You know it!

You will be happy drinking something so creamy, delicious and energizing first thing in the am.  It is loaded with healthy ingredients that support your hair, skin, nails and even your brain.  It can even help you maintain your weight since it is so satiating.  And with all that energy, glowing skin and a gorgeous body…you will be smokin’ hot!

Thanks for reading…I’d love to hear from you if you try this!


Collagen Peptides

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Javazen Organic Coffee





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