Cinco Savings!

Before you dig into that guac and pour yourself a margarita, check out these deals.  They are all from companies that I order from regularly and absolutely love.

✨  Primal Kitchen is celebrating Cinco de Mayo with $5 off and free shipping on any order of $55 or more.  Just enter the code CINCO2017 at checkout.  Here’s the link:

Primal Kitchen

I love everything I have tried…didn’t even think I liked ranch dressing till I experienced their avocado oil ranch.  The chipotle lime avocado oil mayo is a staple for me, and I’m pretty much obsessed with the vanilla coconut collagen fuel.  Oh, and all of the bars, especially sea salt macadamia.  It’s loaded with collagen but tastes like dessert.  Total win-win!

eliz pk ranch
This dressing is amazing!

✨  Another company I am crazy about is Vital Proteins.  Love, love, love their collagen peptides which have completely transformed my skin.

For Mother’s Day, Vital Proteins is offering a Mother’s Day Peptide Bundle with a 20% savings.  This includes the large 20 ounce container of their original collagen peptides, a 10 ounce container of their new vanilla coconut peptides, and a super cute mug that says “But first, collagen.”

These would retail for $103 if purchased separately.  The bundle is only $82.40.  You don’t need to buy it for your mom, either.  Unless she’s really into collagen.  You can totally treat yourself to firmer skin and healthier hair and nails!

Here’s the link:

Vital Proteins Mother’s Day Peptide Bundle

✨  And last but not least, Thrive Market is offering 25% off your first purchase.

Don’t know about Thrive?  Imagine the best of Whole Foods, Costco and Amazon all swirled into one amazing online destination.  That’s Thrive.  Whole Foods quality products at Costco prices, delivered to your door like Amazon.  What’s not to like?

Your first month of membership is free, so you can totally check it out and see what you think.  Follow this link to take advantage of the 25% off deal:

Thrive Markets 25% off your first purchase

That’s all I’ve got…I’m off to mash up some avocados.  Let the festivities begin!

Can these deals help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Absolutely!

You’ll be happy saving money and having healthy products delivered to your door.  And when you are eating in a way that supports gorgeous, glowing skin, a fit body, and tons of energy…you’ll be very hot!


Primal Kitchen  get $5 off and free shipping when you spend $55 or more use the code CINCO2017 exp. 5/12

Vital Proteins Mother’s Day Peptide Bundle

Thrive Market save 25% off your first purchase


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