Sometimes puffy is good…

Like puffy white clouds in a blue sky.  While you are sitting poolside.  Looking hot in your black bikini.

Or cute puffy coat on a cold day…preferably with fur trim around the hood.

But puffy eyes?  Not a good look.  Ever.

Thankfully this is less of a problem for me since I discovered these three steps to say goodbye to those puffy eyes!

three fingers
Just three steps!

You can try one or all of them…here you go:

🌺  The first step is my nighttime routine.  After cleaning my face (I just use coconut oil and a warm washcloth) I apply a facial oil.  My favorites are Telluride Glow (discount code at end of post!) and Anti Aging Oil from Annmarie Skincare.

After lightly patting the oil all over my face, including my eye area, I use a jade roller.  This little device feels cool and relaxing.  Not only does it help the oil to absorb, it reduces puffiness around your eyes by aiding lymphatic drainage.  You don’t apply any pressure, just lightly roll across your face.

The jade roller I linked to comes with complete directions and a face map showing the direction you should be rolling in different areas of your face.  I bought my jade roller on Amazon.  Several readers have tried and liked it. Here’s the post I wrote when I first discovered it.

This ranks up there with oil pulling….

🌺  Step two is my morning routine.  The Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream from     100% Pure is designed to firm and reduce puffiness.  As an added bonus it smells like a cookie! Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is one of 100% Pure’s best sellers because it works

To give you an idea, 83% of testers said they saw an immediate reduction in puffiness around the eyes.  And 97% noticed a difference with continued use.  (Maybe the remaining 3% never actually used it!) 

This product is very reasonable for an eye cream.  The full size tube (one ounce) is only $25, or you can get a smaller 0.3 ounce size for $15.  I say go big.

You gently pat it all around your eye area.  It absorbs immediately so you can slap some makeup on and get on with your day.

eye cream

There’s nothing wrong with whipping that jade roller back out in the am.  I just rarely take the time with everything else I’m trying to get done!

🌺   The third step is the hardest, but can have the biggest impact, not just on your eyes but everywhere.  I’m talking about eliminating foods and drinks that make you puffy in the first place.

When I did my first Whole30 several years ago, I couldn’t believe the difference in my eyes in just a few days.  They just looked prettier.  I realized there had a subtle puffiness there for so long that I didn’t even notice it until it was gone.

For me, dairy and grains are the big triggers.  Also overly salty processed foods.  When I let a little dairy sneak in, it shows around my eyes first.

You may be different.  Maybe you already know which foods mess with you.  If not, a Whole30 is a great way to figure it out.  The book It Starts With Food is a great resource. Or read this post:

What is the Whole30?  And why should I care?

And of course, alcohol can cause puffiness.  In the case of wine, many times it’s the additives in the wine that are the culprit.  Dry Farm Wines is a great source of additive-free, sugar free, paleo approved wines that taste amazing.

So there you have it…three steps that have helped me get rid of unwanted puffiness.

So, can these three steps help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!  Because puffy eyes are never hot!

You’ll be happy doing something to take care of yourself.  The products I have named are healthy for your skin, and if you take it a step further and eliminate foods that are causing a problem you may find it easier to maintain a healthy weight.  And with that gorgeous body and bright, clear eyes, you’ll be very hot!


100% Percent Pure

Annmarie Skincare

Telluride Glow  use the code “happyhealthyandhot” for 10% off

Jade Roller

Dry Farm Wines

It Starts With Food




4 thoughts on “Sometimes puffy is good…

  1. great post! i have experienced really bad all over puffiness in my post menopausal years. crazy water retention and can go up and down 5 or 6 pounds in one day despite a tight whole 30 like diet. ugh! have you looked into hormone replacements/bioidentical? thanks!! xo


  2. Hey Christian…puffiness sucks! I have not looked into hormone replacement. I know you eat super clean and work out. Wondering if maybe you are going too low carb. Maybe cycle a little bit. Some women do better that way. I follow Juli Bauer (PaleOMG). She saw great results when she first transitioned to eating really clean, and was very low carb. Working out a lot. Did great at first, but eventually started putting on weight. Now is doing much better adding some carbs in. I swear by the raw carrot a day for balancing hormones. I know some people have success with maca. I have tried it but can’t tell a difference one way or the other.


  3. Oh this is really interesting, I am perimenopausal and feel I’m still adjusting my diet to what suits me, which is changing. I do take gelatinised maca which helps with night sweats. I’m slowly cutting down on dairy, which I thought I was ok with, but I’ve recently had patches of eczema, so I will see if that improves. I will look up PaleOMG too. Great advice, as always.


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