If you’re craving Easter candy…

try my three ingredient chocolate cashew butter eggs!

It all started at the hardware store, when I was buying some lightbulbs.  I noticed peanut butter eggs for sale by the cash register.  Homemade peanut butter eggs.  I think they had coconut cream also.

Kind of a weird thing to buy at the hardware store, but totally put me in the mood to make peanut butter eggs.  I used to do it every year, using a recipe I’ve had since my middle school Home Ec class.

But this time I wanted to put a happy, healthy and hot spin on the eggs.  It took a few attempts, but I finally nailed it!

choc eggs eliz

So, what are those three magical ingredients?

Cashew butter is what I decided to use in place of peanut butter.  If you want to be really traditional, PB will certainly work.  I actually prefer the taste of cashew butter.  It has a natural sweetness to it.

Cashews are an excellent source of copper, a mineral that is great for your skin and hard to come by.  They also supply other important minerals, as well as protein and monounsaturated fat.

I’ve been raving about Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel from Primal Kitchen ever since it entered my life a few short weeks ago.  Mixed with the cashew butter, it adds a nice sweetness and vanilla flavor, along with the benefits of collagen protein (firmer skin, stronger nails, hair and connective tissues).  It also thickens up the cashew butter so you can shape it into eggs.

And what about the chocolate?  I got the best results using the Enjoy Life brand of chocolate chunks for the chocolate coating.  This brand is free of eight common allergens (including wheat, soy and dairy) and happens to taste great.  They are available on Amazon as well as in the “natural” section of better grocery stores.  Next time I might combine them with some unsweetened baking chocolate to get a more bittersweet flavor. (I tried melting a Lindt 90% dark bar but it was too runny and wouldn’t coat the eggs 😞  )

There are a few things that make this recipe different from most of the recipes I post.

Most of my recipes are super easy and forgiving.  Even if it looks like a long list of ingredients, the directions are pretty simple.

This is the opposite…only three ingredients, but they are a little more tedious to make.  I mean, when was the last time you used a double boiler?  (Don’t have one?  Me neither.  I rigged it up with a stainless steel bowl and a sauce pan.  I only buy specialty cookware if it’s something I will use all the time.)

Also, most of my recipes make a large quantity.  Because it’s great to have leftovers of veggies, high quality protein, and healthy fats.

This recipe does not make a lot.  Because nobody needs pounds of chocolate cashew butter eggs lying around.  This made about ten small eggs.

choc eggs
Bonus points if your nail polish matches your placemat!

But if you want a sweet indulgence that actually has some health benefits, here you go!

happy, healthy and hot three ingredient chocolate cashew butter eggs

1/2 cup cashew butter

2 scoops Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel

3/4 cup Enjoy Life! brand chocolate chunks

Scoop cashew butter and Collagen Fuel into a small bowl, and use a spoon to combine.  Be patient…this takes awhile.  I tried doing it with my stand mixer which worked well too, but was more trouble to clean up.  It’s up to you.

Put in the fridge for about half an hour, then use your hands to roll into little egg shapes.  Place on a plate covered with foil or waxed foil, and put back in fridge to chill again.  (If they are too warm they get gooey when the chocolate hits them.)

Melt chocolate chips in a double boiler over simmering water.  Since most of us don’t have double boilers these days, I put the chips in a small stainless steel bowl, and put that in a saucepan with a few inches of water.  Bring the water to a simmer and stir the chocolate chips to help them melt faster.  I took them off the heat as soon as they were melted all the way.

Here comes the messy part!  This is not the time to wear your brand new white tee.

Get the eggs out of the fridge.  I found the easiest way to coat them was to keep them on the plate and carefully spoon the chocolate over them.  I worked as quickly as I could, then put them back in the fridge so the chocolate would harden faster.  This used up about 2/3 of the chocolate.

After about 15 minutes, I re-melted the remaining chocolate.  Then I took the eggs out of the fridge, flipped them over, and spread a little chocolate on the bottom part that hadn’t been covered.

Put back in the fridge for another 15 minutes or so and you’re good to go!  Store them in the fridge.  They won’t last long!

Remember, these are a treat.  Don’t eat the whole batch at once.  And I know they are not the prettiest eggs in the world…I’m not a candy maker.  But they taste amazing and are not loaded with crap.

So, can my three ingredient chocolate cashew butter eggs help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  You know the answer!

You’ll be happy enjoying a delicious, seasonal treat made from healthy ingredients.  And with the three c’s (collagen, coconut and copper) they support firm, glowing, radiant skin….very hot! 


Primal Kitchen Vanilla Coconut Collagen Fuel

Enjoy Life Brand Chocolate Chunks






2 thoughts on “If you’re craving Easter candy…

  1. These sound delicious. I absolutely love cashew butter, but then I don’t really like peanut butter at all. I’ve used a small Pyrex glass bowl over a saucepan of water as a double boiler to melt chocolate. I agree that making healthy sweet treats helps to avoid the crap ones when you are tempted!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Tanya! I’m with you…I totally prefer cashew butter these days. And love how you got creative with the double boiler! I really don’t see the need to buy kitchen gadgets that I’ll rarely use…I’d rather get creative and rig something up!


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