Here comes the sun!

At least, I hope so.

sun eliz

The weather can be crazy here in Central PA.  One day I’m driving around with my Ray Bans on and the top down, and a few days later I’m scraping snow off my car.

But either way, spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  So is that cute black bikini I just bought at Target.  Time to talk sunscreen!

Now you know I like to keep things positive here in happy, healthy and hot land.  So I’m not going to write a dissertation on the dangers of chemical sunscreens.  I’ll just say this…the majority of sunscreens on the market are loaded with crap that you shouldn’t be putting on your skin.

But what’s a girl to do?  We need sun protection, right?

Of course we do!  Now I don’t think you need to slather yourself with SPF 90 every time you walk out the door.  Natural sunlight is the best way to obtain vitamin D, and it has some other benefits as well.  So a little unprotected sun is not the end of the world.

But I’m really big on protecting my face.  Because there’s nothing happy, healthy and hot about wrinkles.

Zinc oxide is the best way to get awesome sun protection without crappy chemicals.  It is a physical sunblock rather than a chemical one.

Only problem is, zinc oxide can give you that chalky white look.  That’s not happy, healthy and hot either.  Well, maybe healthy.  Definitely not hot.

And that’s where Sun Love, from Annmarie Skincare, comes in.  Sun Love is a completely natural and safe facial sunscreen with an SPF of 20.

Zinc Oxide provides wonderful protection, but the formula is tinted so you don’t get that creepy white look.  And the best part is how great it feels on your skin.  Sun Love goes on smoothly, and while it may seem a tiny bit oily a first, it sinks right in.  You can totally wear Sun Love by itself if you’re on the beach or sitting by the pool, or apply makeup on top.

Sun Love has some amazing ingredients, like sunflower oil and sea buckthorn seed oil, which are loaded with skin loving nutrients.

You use it as the last step in your skincare routine.  When I apply Sun Love, I just lightly pat it onto my skin.  You actually don’t want to rub too much, since zinc oxide needs to sit on top of the skin.  The nourishing oils will absorb quickly.

Dying to get your hands on some Sun Love?  You can get a generous sample (should last about a week) for only $5.  This includes free shipping and a coupon for $5 off your next purchase.  Total win-win!

sun love towel
I’ve already used some, and there is easily enough in here to last a week.

Now, if you’re wondering about sun protection for the rest of your body, another company I love is Raw Elements.  They make extremely effective and affordable zinc oxide sunscreens, some of which are also tinted.  Their facial sunscreen is so reasonable that I use it all over my body.

If you want to try Raw Elements, be sure to use my new discount code “happyhealthyandhot10” for 10% off your purchase.

Oh, and I should mention that another company I love, 100% Pure, makes some sunscreens that look pretty amazing.  I just haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

So there you have it…go out and get some safe sun!

Can using natural sunscreen help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  For sure!

You will be happy using products that feel great on your skin!  They not only protect your skin, they contain ingredients that are truly healthy.  And a girl (or guy) with healthy, glowing skin who is having fun in the sun is always hot!


Sun Love ($5 sample with free shipping and $5 coupon)

Raw Elements (don’t forget to use my code…”happyhealthyandhot10″ for 10% off!)

100% Pure


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