Want $134 worth of skincare? For free?

Yeah, I thought so!

100% Pure has an awesome gift with purchase right now.  If you spend $55 (get the Lengthening mascara…you will thank me later!) you receive this adorable bag filled with goodies.

100% pure gwp

It includes the Charcoal Konjac sponge and Coffee Bean Eye Cream, both of which I have used and love.  (The eye cream smells like a cookie!)  You also get Vitamin C Serum, Aqua Boost Hydrating Mask, Argan Creamy Cleanser, and a cute drawstring bag.

The saying on the bag kind of makes me chuckle.  Guess it all depends on who you’re talking to! Anyway, I just ordered mine.  I needed a new mascara, and I never want to run out of their shampoo.  These GWPs sometimes sell out pretty quick.  100% Pure offers free shipping on orders over $50, and free returns.  So you can’t lose!

I use and love many of their products, because they are free of toxins but still extremely effective.  Remember, you skin is your largest organ.  You need to take care of it from the inside AND the outside.

Oh, and as a bonus, most of the products smell incredible.  The Coconut Vanilla shampoo and conditioner make my morning shower such a treat.  Even the mascara smells good!

Here are some previous posts that I have written reviewing 100% Pure products:

“All I need is coffee and mascara.”

If you want to smell like a cupcake…

Taking a shower may make you feel happy and hot…

So go treat yourself…you totally deserve to look and feel amazing!

Will this GWP help you feel HHH?  You know it!

You’ll be happy getting free stuff in the mail…always fun!  These products are all pure and healthy for your skin.  And with that glowing skin and long dark lashes (seriously, try the mascara!) you will definitely be hot!


100% Pure GWP


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