Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day…

I’m thinking green drinks.  But not green beer.  Or Shamrock Shakes.

spinach and lemon

Drinking a green drink (almost) every day is a habit that has stayed with me from my vegan days.  There’s something about starting the day with something fresh and green that really feels great.

In fact, I consider leafy greens to be one of my top skin foods.  (If you want to know the others, here’s a popular post from last summer:  People always ask me…. )

I started out with green smoothiesa bunch of fruit with a little bit of something green, and probably some juice, blended together.

Bit by bit I dropped the juice (way too much sugar) and pared down on the fruit, until my drinks became more and more green.  Because I did this gradually, I totally got used to the taste.

Today my drink was just spinach and lemon, blended with a lot of water in my Vitamix. Fresh lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C, which not only strengthens our immune systems, it helps our bodies produce more collagen…for healthy skin!  Leafy greens are loaded with antioxidants, and it’s great to have a variety of them.

I know some people swear by their juicers.  Personally, I find them a pain in the ass to clean, and I am way too lazy to figure out how to use all that pulp that is left over.  But if you are juicing and loving it, have at it!

Speaking of lazy, on the days when even throwing a few things in the blender sounds like too much effort, Collagen Beauty Greens from Vital Proteins totally come to the rescue.

Collagen Beauty Greens are an awesome mix of marine collagen, dried organic greens, probiotics and hyaluronic acid.  Pretty much a superfood combo for your skin.

I just stir them into a glass of water.  The taste is really mild.  They are also great to bring with you when you travel and probably aren’t eating quite as well as you do at home.

If you’re trying to make green drinks a part of your routine, here are a few tips:

💕  Start with spinach or even romaine lettuce.  They are both packed with nutrients but have a mild taste that blends into just about anything.

💕  Gradually increase the proportion of greens to fruit.  Pineapple is great at masking the “green” taste at first.

💕  Blend long enough that you do not have big chunks.  Any decent blender will do, but I have to say I love my Vitamix.  They are pricey up front, but I’ve had it for around ten years and use it multiple times a day.

So, can drinking a green drink every day help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  It really can!

You will feel happy starting the day on such a positive note.  Leafy greens are so healthy for you, and this is an easy way to get more of them into your body.  The combo of leafy greens and some vitamin C from the fruit is awesome for healthy, firm and glowing skin.  Very hot!


Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens



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