Apparently today is National Drink Wine Day…

as if anyone needed an excuse!


Listen, I like wine as much as the next girl.  But I don’t like feeling crappy the next day.  And most wines sold in the U.S. are highly processed factory products.  There are 76 chemical additives approved in the U.S. for wine making.

If you want to enjoy good wine and still wake up feeling happy, healthy and hot, I encourage you to check out Dry Farm Wines.

Not only are these wines natural, organic and biodynamic, they are free of sugar and carbs and fit in with a primal or paleo lifestyle.

Dry Farm Wines is a wine club.  They deliver artisanal wines to your door on a schedule that you decide.  And they offer a 100% happiness guarantee…no questions asked.  If you are not happy for any reason they will either send you a replacement or refund your money.  So you have nothing to lose!

And if you’re not sure about committing to a subscription, go ahead and sign up for delivery every 60 days.  That gives you plenty of time to try the first case, and cancel the next order if you are not completely thrilled.

But I have a feeling you’ll be thrilled!

I wrote a more detailed post on Dry Farm Wines just a few weeks ago, but decided to revisit this topic when I heard what today was.

Organic Wine, delivered to my door?

Can drinking Dry Farm Wines help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course it can!

Having organic wines from all over the world delivered to your door will make you very happy.  These wines are free of the additives found in commercial wines, so you can enjoy the health benefits of wine, which include heart health and lower risk of dementia.  And the antioxidants found in wine can even have an anti-aging effect.  That’s hot!




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