Music and makeup are two of my favorite things…

because they’re both fun and constantly changing.

In the music department, I’m still completely obsessed with “24K Magic.”  Cannot get enough!  Also totally into “Fake Love” by Drake.  And “Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly.

As far as makeup, it’s no secret that I love everything I’ve tried from 100% Pure.  This company produces organic cosmetics, skin care and bath products that are super effective and happen to smell amazing.

With the winter weather, I’ve switched a few things around in my cute VS makeup bag.


But before I go any further, if you don’t have time to read this whole post, and you want to take advantage of some amazing freebies from 100% Pure, just click here:

100% Pure Gift with Purchase!  

In the heat and humidity of summer, I usually prefer a mineral foundation.  But with the colder weather I’ve been using the Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation from 100% Pure almost exclusively and LOVING IT!

The shade I’m using is Golden Peach.  It gives my skin a glowy look compared to a powder, and stays on all day.  The foundation doesn’t come with any type of applicator (which I found a little odd) but I’ve been using a flat cosmetic sponge from Target that fits right in the compact.  (Amazing how most of life’s little problems can be solved with a trip to Target!)


I also decided to try the Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer-Corrector, for the stray pimple that pops up when I have too much dairy, and to brighten up my eye area.

Be forewarned…this stuff looks crazy yellow in the package, and even when you first apply it.  Blend, blend, blend.  The yellow does an amazing job of canceling out any redness.  I apply this first if I need it, then use the foundation on top.  They also make concealer shades to match the foundation, but I am loving this one.

The Fruit Pigmented Lengthening Mascara in Black Tea remains hands down my favorite mascara ever.  I was a die hard Urban Decay girl until I discovered this stuff.  It makes my short stubby lashes long and dark and it even smells good!

I just started using the Creamy Long Last Liner in Dark Cocoa.  So far, so good.  Doesn’t smear and the pencil is super soft so it goes on really easily.  What’s not to like?

Sadly, 100% Pure does not make a lip liner, so I’m still using some from MAC.  I usually fill in with Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb.  This is an oldie but a goodie.  It goes on like a balm but has plenty of color and really keeps my lips moist.

If you haven’t tried anything from 100% Pure (or if you have and you are dying for more!) now is a great time.

Starting today, 100% Pure is offering an awesome gift with any $60 purchase.  It is supposed to run through February 2 at midnight PST, but last time they offered something like this it ran out much faster.

Here’s what you get:

Cruelty-free contour brush, eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush, and minis of Red Wine Resveratrol Scrub + Mask, Herbal Detox Mask, and Brightening Serum.  All good stuff!  You can toss out some of those old makeup brushes.  Seriously…how long have you had them?!  Some of mine are ancient.

Can makeup from 100% Pure help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course!

Trying new makeup is fun and always makes me happy.  These cosmetics are free from harmful toxins and full of nourishing ingredients, so they are very healthy for your skin.  And with that glowing skin and long, dark lashes you’ll be hot and you know it!

Thanks for reading!


100% Pure gift with purchase






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