happy, healthy and hot at the grocery outlet!

Really…you never know what you might find!

Be sure to wear your favorite pleather jacket when you are getting bargains on coconut oil

On a recent trip to Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, I found jars of Nutiva coconut oil that normally retail for around $10 for $4.99.  Coconut flour, which I use to “bread” chicken drumsticks, fish and just about everything else was $1.99 a bag, instead of close to $10.  And the list goes on.  

Healthier items are popping up more and more at places like this.  (For my Central PA friends, I shopped at the Grocery Outlet on Mountain Road in Harrisburg.)

But there are some things to bear in mind…

If you are looking for something specific, you’re bound to be disappointed (even if you saw it there three days ago).  Instead, look at your shopping trip as an adventure…you never know what you will find.  (Good advice for life too!)

Three words that bear repeating:  Check the dates!  Perishable items are sometimes extremely close to the “use by” date.  So are packaged items.  But not always.

Don’t go crazy.  We’ve all done this…something is a great deal so we buy way more than we need or will actually use.  Be realistic.

On the flip side, stock up if you know you like something.  Because it will very well be gone when you go back.  Poland Spring Sparkling Water, in a limited edition Pineapple Coconut flavor, was 6 bottles for a dollar.  This is unsweetened…just spring water that is carbonated with a little natural flavor.  I have paid over a dollar for one bottle many times at Target.  So I totally loaded up!

Read labels…just because the packaging looks very “natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for you!  For example, even the very natural brands of cereal are still high in processed carbs, and typically have a lot of sugar (even if it is natural cane sugar.)  I’m not saying don’t ever buy this stuff, just saying be aware.

So what else did I find on my Grocery Outlet shopping spree?

I bought some Caveman brand Chicken Jerky.  Jerky is a great non perishable protein snack to keep on hand, but most of it is loaded with nitrates and surprisingly high in sugar.  I bought chipotle honey flavor, which I am snacking on as I write this (at 8:32 am 😁 ).  The ingredients are clean and it only has one gram of sugar per serving.  Total winner!  Now I’m sorry I only bought one bag.


Back to Nature brand almonds were $3.99 a pound so I grabbed a bag.  I have paid double that for this very same brand at Target.  The bag is resealable…these are a great travel snack.  You can always find a bag of nuts in my sparkly Kate Spade bag!


A two pack of two giant bottles of organic ketchup was only $3.99.  I don’t like ketchup on its own, but I use it for my grass fed beef BBQ (so easy… here’s the recipe:  It doesn’t matter what you call it…)   Another way I like to use ketchup is by mixing it with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo to make Russian dressing.


Oh, and I found frozen Alaskan Sockeye Salmon filets for only $6.99 a pound.  That is crazy!  These are so easy to prepare ahead and have in the fridge for some quick protein and healthy fats.  Check out my Instagram @resnickelizabeth…just posted a simple salmon and broccoli recipe.  

Notice everything I bought fits in with the way I already eat.   I look and feel my best when I am consuming plenty of healthy fats and high quality protein, and staying away from grains and processed carbs.  I also eat tons of green veggies, which I usually pick up elsewhere, like Wegmans or the Broad Street Market.

So don’t buy something just because it’s a great deal…make sure it’s something that helps you look and feel amazing!

Another great way to save money (and not even leave the house!) is to shop online at Thrive Market.  If somehow you’ve missed previous posts where I raved about Thrive, here’s the deal…

Thrive is a crazy hybrid of Whole Foods, Costco and Amazon.  Seriously, I don’t know how else to describe how wonderful it is.  It’s an online membership club where you can find so many of my happy, healthy and hot essentials at deep discounts.  Your first month is free so you can see for yourself.

So, can shopping for discount groceries help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course!  Just don’t forget that pleather jacket!

You will be happy with the amazing deals you are scoring.  As long as you read labels and shop mindfully, you can find a great selection of healthy items.  Look for foods that support healthy skin and nails and help you maintain your weight…you will be gorgeous and very hot!

Thanks for reading.  Let me know how you make out at Thrive Market or the Grocery Outlet.


Thrive Market  use this link to grab a free jar of Thrive almond butter

Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo (doubt you will ever find this at a grocery outlet, but you can save by buying multipacks from Primal Kitchen or ordering from Thrive)


5 thoughts on “happy, healthy and hot at the grocery outlet!

  1. Oh, I love a bargain. I made some “breaded” prawns the other day with dessicated coconut from Poundland (so £1 for a whole bag) and cajun spice. Very popular in this house. I have some spare mix that I will probably put on some chicken pieces. I buy frozen, wild salmon and coconut oil from Aldi (discount supermarket) as it is so much cheaper but just as good.

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