Just a friendly reminder…

to stay hydrated!

Herbal tea and flannel…cozy combo on this freezing cold day! 💨 ❄️

It’s crazy cold here in Central PA…so cold your face hurts.  And when it’s this cold, I have to admit I’m not always thinking about drinking enough water.  Then suddenly it’s time for bed and I realize how thirsty I am.

Here’s the thing…proper hydration is important to so many processes in the body.  And it’s especially important for our skin.  Plump, healthy skin needs to be hydrated from the inside.

But you don’t need to chug cold water all day during these Arctic blasts.  There are some other ways you can stay hydrated.

If you’ve been following happy, healthy and hot, you know I am pretty much obsessed with lemon water.  Fresh lemon juice alkalizes the body and delivers a nice dose of vitamin C.  This is good for our immune system and cardiovascular health.  It’s also great for our skin, since vitamin C supports collagen production.  Yea!!

I still do my glass of lemon water in the am when I first get up on these frigid mornings.  (The water is room temp, not ice cold out of the fridge.)  But I’ve also taken to sipping warm lemon water throughout the day.  Just take a mug full of very warm (not boiling) water and squeeze in some lemon.  This is a great way to get fluids in when you are cold.

Lemon and ginger make a great combo in the winter.  Sometimes I put a chunk of fresh ginger in a mug full of boiling hot water.  I let it steep for about ten minutes, and then squeeze in the lemon.  Soooo good.  You can sweeten it a bit or be a badass and drink it as is.

Another great trick is herbal teas.  I’m all for chai and matcha when I need a pick me up, but I don’t want to be pounding caffeine all day.  There are tons of great herbal teas out there…Tazo is a brand that is readily available at Target and grocery stores that has some nice blends.  Another one I’ve been enjoying (I’m sipping it while I’m writing) is Sweet and Spicy Caffeine Free by Good Earth.  Soooo good…similar to chai.

Keep a bottle of water next to your bed at night.  Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thirsty, and when it’s right there I can take a sip and go right back to sleep.  I don’t even take my eye mask off!

Remember, produce is very hydrating too.  Especially fresh, raw veggies and fruits.  Of course broth based soups can help as well.  And if you’re making them with bone broth, you’re getting some valuable minerals and collagen as well.  (Planning on posting a ridiculously easy soup recipe in the next week or so.)

As far as how much you should drink, there’s not a lot of scientific evidence to back up the eight glasses a day.  You might need more or less depending on your size, activity level, and the amount of water you are getting through your food.

Like everything else, listen to your body.  This isn’t rocket science.  If you are thirsty go drink something.  But I do believe it’s best if you can keep from getting to that point.  Be proactive and sip throughout the day.  Don’t wait till you feel miserable.

So, can staying hydrated in the winter help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Of course it can!

Drinking something warm and comforting on a chilly day will make you happy.  And of course you’ll be healthy…proper hydration is important for our bodies to function at their best.  Staying hydrated can also help with weight loss, and it’s essential for plump, healthy and glowing skin.  You’ll be hot for sure!


Lemon Squeezer

Good Earth Organic Caffeine Free Sweet and Spicy Tea



2 thoughts on “Just a friendly reminder…

  1. I’ve been struggling with this lately. I definitely need more water in my life! Another way I sneak water in is by enjoying a La Croix after work, the coconut one is my fave!

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