coffee + matcha + cacao =

A dream come true for a health conscious coffee lover like me.

It’s no secret that I ❤️  coffee.

JavaZen is a new brand of coffee that I have just discovered, and I’m completely hooked.

Javazen is the perfect drink for my happy, healthy and hot mug!

Their slogan is “caffeinate mindfully.”  According to their website, Javazen is “the evolution of coffee…a blend of organic coffee, looseleaf tea, and powerful superfoods in perfect harmony.”  And I’d have to agree.

If you want to cut to the chase and order a free sample right this second, click on this link:

FREE sample of three Javazen blends

As much as I love coffee, at one point in my life I felt so wired from it that I gave it up…for three years! 😩   Since then I have learned to drink it more mindfully, but Javazen takes that a step further.  It takes the benefits of coffee (great taste, nice dose of antioxidants, and that energized buzz), and balances them with rejuvenating qualities and nutritional benefits of tea. Then they throw in some superfoods, like goji, cacao or acai, to give it that extra oomph.

Javazen makes three blends, plus a pumpkin spice flavor.  The one I have been drinking is Balance, which combines three of my favorite things…coffee, matcha and cacao.  And then they throw in a little vanilla and cinnamon for good measure.

Seriously, if you look back on old posts of mine, you will see that I have mentioned those ingredients countless times.  My very first post ever gave a recipe for a matcha latte.  I’ve mentioned the benefits of cacao many times, and don’t even get me started on coffee!

Balance tastes amazing…like very smooth coffee blended with raw cacao.  The cinnamon and vanilla were subtle.  I didn’t really taste the matcha, but that’s cool…I’m more into the benefits of matcha than the taste.

I am seriously obsessed with this stuff!

The first day I tried it was a very long, busy day.  Lots of physical activity and mental focus required.  I had two cups of Javazen Balance in the am and I was good to go.  All day.  No crash.  I never felt wired, but I kept going all day.

Matcha is a very fine powder made from green tea leaves.  Not only is it loaded with antioxidants, many of which are amazing for your skin, it contains L-theanine.  This is an amino acid that helps you maintain a focused yet relaxed state, and helps to balance those coffee jitters.

Cacao is the main ingredient in chocolate.  It adds a wonderful flavor to Javazen, and also contains theobromine, which has a gentle stimulant and general “feel good” effect.  Even better, it supports skin health.  A study done in 2006 showed improvements in skin thickness and hydration with long term consumption of cocoa that was high in flavonols.  Cacao, which is less processed, most likely has the same effect.

The other blends are Boost and Relax, and they are designed to help you do just that.  I have not tried either of them yet…I’ll let you know when I do!

Boost is higher in caffeine than Balance, and also contains yerba mate and acai.  This is the blend most similar to traditional coffee.

Relax is made from decaf coffee blended with rooibos.  This is a tea that is naturally caffeine free and has a smooth flavor.  Goji berries, lucuma and vanilla are thrown in as well.

I should mention that all of the Javazen coffees come already ground.  I have been using my French press, but they can be used in traditional drip coffee makers also.  They also have a new product called a brew bag, which you simply drop in a mug of hot water.  These sound perfect for travel…you can be sure I will be trying them out!

The best way to try Javazen is by ordering a FREE sample of the three varieties.  All you have to pay is shipping.

If you love your sample pack, use my code “happyhealthyandhot” to save 10% off when you order more.  And you can save quite a bit by taking advantage of Javazen’s subscription service.

If it sounds like I am crazy about this stuff, I really am!

So of course you are wondering…can drinking Javazen help you feel happy, healthy and hot?  Hell yeah!

If you enjoy coffee, this smooth, rich blend will make you very happy.  The added ingredients, like matcha and cacao are rich in antioxidants that keep you healthy.  They also support the health of your skin.  Matcha is known to boost metabolism and support weight loss.  And with that gorgeous skin and smoking body, you’ll be hot for sure!

Thanks for reading, and seriously, try this stuff.  You will be thanking me.


Javazen Blends

Javazen Home Page…claim your free sample!

French Press





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